Kevin ‘Probably’ Saves The World (S01E15) “World’s Best Domino”

I just loved this episode directed by Peter Leto, and it wasn’t just because of all of the puppies. Okay, maybe a little bit the puppies. I may have audibly squealed. I digress…

We start out with Yvette (Kimberly Hebert Gregory) showing more emotion than we are generally privy to. She is legitimately freaked out about the disappearance of Dave. After sending Kevin (Jason Ritter) off on his date, she searches for her buddy/associate, but to no avail. That brings us to my next point.

Probably on Angels

Dave is… dead?

Hold the train.

I am NOT okay with this. I don’t, nay, I CAN’T believe this is true. I would guess that means when the 36th soul is found, they won’t have their own angel to look over them. Universe, what are you playing at? Let’s start with my unfounded assumption that Dave is still alive – let’s get to theories: 36 angels for 36 souls, perhaps Dave and Yvette are not meant to be teaming up. Yvette’s first injury was a paper-cut, but we found out later that Dave had been concealing other wounds even before she shared her cut with him. Did it start when they formed Team Kevin? Are other angels getting hurt? I need more information to find the correlation.


Probably on Love

Way to throw me a curve ball, writers! While Kristen and Kevin can’t seem to catch a clean break in the date department, Tyler (Dustin Ybarra) seems ready for the ultimate rebound.

Do you remember Becky (Abbey McBride)? We may have thought she played only a minor role, but she’s back for a full-fledged episode this time, and is even more adorable than before. Who knew the world’s worst security guard would steal our little hearts, and possibly Tyler’s as well, with her invention driven antics. Are they a love match? I have a feeling we will be seeing more of here in upcoming episodes!



 To sum it all up:

Judging by the title of this episode, and the way in which Kevin delivered it, I get the feeling Kevin still has a lot to learn in the way of spiritual mojo. He and Tyler are back to business as usual, Kevin is back to figuring out how to help people and Yvette is losing her angelic marbles over Dave’s disappearance. In fact, she is already trying to figure out how to live without him. Where’s your fight Yvette?! This all happened too quickly for my liking, but I have faith that we will get more answers eventually.


Rating: 9/10 Blue Butterflies


** Blue Butterfly Sightings: ZERO **


Watch Kevin ‘Probably’ Saves the World on Thursday’s at 10PM (EST) on ABC.


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