Life in Pieces (S03E12) "Toilet Shaving Stuck Fertility"

From tech toilets to shave or not to shave, this episode of Life in Pieces was another hilarious episode.

“Toilet Shaving Stuck Fertility” was another memorable episode with hilarious moments from John accidentally receiving a new tech toilet from Tim as a thank you to Jen and Greg dodging their crazy neighbors as they were invited to their party. Sophia and Heather shaving story was very good too. And the Matt and Colleen story has been nicely develop as they try anything to have a baby and that includes having someone inspect their stuff to see if it makes them infertile.

It’s one of those episodes that will make you laugh and still remember it a few day later. I couldn’t get enough of John’s John and how much John talked to the toilet and Joan expressing her love for it after using it. The writing was good and the performances from the cast was as good as the previous episode.

Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

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