NCISNOLA (S04E15) "The Last Mile"

Cyrus ( Frankie Smith) is eating biscuits and gravy…with Isler?!  (Derek Webster) WHAT?! They’re waiting for Don Belanger (Shawn Parsons) a bad ass. He’s looking for a crew. There’s a job tomorrow.
Cyrus has a bad feeling & wants to run. Isler as “Ray Jones ” wants to play it out. Cyrus was right.
Donny  arrives and within seconds, calls out Isler as a cop. Is it something he said?!  Donny shoots Cyrus (hospitalized) and takes off. A high speed chase begins. Donny apparently has a Super Car, cause he gets away from Isler,at top speed! He goes thru a closed road sign & flys over several cars, leaving Isler in the dust #daredevil. … and Isler’s arrested.
Isler calls Dwayne. He claims to be undercover and off the grid. He asks Dwayne to “keep it on the down low” (So Raymond is recurring. He is on as much as…Patton!)
Isler says he’s working drug heists. Pharmaceuticals deliveries are being Hi Jacked before they hit the pharmacy. He was told to stay in his lane, when this age old problem was brought to “the powers that be” He wants Dwayne’s help. But there’s no military involved. Pride caint.
However, Isler came prepared. Petty Officer Walsh is dead due to opioids.(off camera)  Its their way in.”yay!”
Back at the station, Sebastain is diligently researching, the fine details of  “The Fast &  Furious”  in comparison to today’s events. He’s amazed at the power and speed of the car and the driver. #nascar quality 
Sevastain surmises, Belanger’s car was heavily modified to make that jump; but it was damaged. There’s oil on the ground.   The car is traced for speciality repair 
And so, tracking a leaky oil pan they find, Belanger is found  #amazing
He’s found  in the auto garage and attempts to run. But a car falls on him. He ain’t dead, but probably wishes he was.  It falls on his arm!  #lucky & #ouch. It’s the closest to crushed you can get!
So Isler squeezes his arm! #sadistic Donny talks. Cranston (Jamie Lincoln Smith)  is the man behind the heist and he needs driver. A good one.
Percy is recruited and Isler looking like a 6′  doofus wants to go with as “the muscle ”  I joined Percy in “hell to.da.nah!” Lasalle was her back up. 😍 But he cries to Pride, this is his, “Last Mile ” he’s almost home. Plus he passes Percy’s authenticity test and they’re good to go.  
But Cranston ain’t Mr Big, after all. They’e getting phone orders from “Charlie ”  like…”Charlie’s Angels!” 😁
The gang hits the truck, Gregorio is shot #bulletproofvest All is well.. But it hurts!
…and  I’m still  thinking, “Charlie’s Angels”  Hella funny, aged & corny, but so much  fun! Especially when we find out Charlie is actually no more than a disgruntled employee.
Driscoll (Bob McCracken) is Charlie & a retired cop; FBI. He and Isler were BFF, “back in the day”  They ain’t no more. 
He’s caught by a fast moving rig, while trying to escape. This is incredibly ironic (& clever by the writers), considering he’s a big rig hi jacker!
This was Isler’s story and he was good in it. Although he’s not one of my favorites, he’s obviously recurring, so I’ll get used to it. Plus he again warns Dwayne,  “A Storm is Coming!” …for you; Stay up! I know he’ll have his back if need be so yeah; he can come back anytime.  👊
NCIS New Orleans airs,  Tuesday’s, 10 p.m Pacific Time