Death Wish 2018 Movie Review

I just got out from seeing the film Death Wish which is a remake of a film that came out in 1974. The original movie stared Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey a  architect who took to the streets as a unknown  vigilante after both his wife and daughter are brutally attack. The original Death Wish movie spawned off five sequels with Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey in all five movies.

This remake which stars Bruce Willis is pretty much a spiritual reboot set up in modern day. The basic plot for this is pretty much the same as original give or take a few things. The movie starts off with Paul Kersey who is a doctor in this movie instead of a architect. He has a loving wife and a daughter who just about ready to head off to college. One night when he at work a group robbers break into his house to steal some stuff but due to his wife and daughter fighting back both get shot. The wife ends up dead but the daughter is still alive but in  critical condition.

Kersey at first awaits for the police to do there job but after his last talk with the head officer in charge and seeing how many other crimes that has gone unsolved he decided to take matters in his own hands by becoming a vigilante.

After Kersey first killing goses viral the media start calling this unknown vigilante   The Grim Reaper for how dresses   Eventually  Kersey learns one of the mainly people who attack his family that day and starts to target them until kills them all.
One of the mainly things I like about this movie is how modern they made it like after Kersey first kills the media having the debate on rather if this vigilante is right or wrong in what he doing along with showing people making memes out of the sightings of Kersey vigilante justice for me it added a interesting take on the story.

Bruce Willis performance in this movie also pretty solid if there was anyone who could do a modern day Death Wish and try to fill in Bronson shoes he would probably be one of my first pick. The movie is pretty predictable in some fields if you saw the original movie because I for one predicted what the last shot of the film will be after seeing the preview and I was right.
Death Wish is a film that knows what it is from beginning to end the movie never shy away from it is and while some people may not like this film do to personal reason in which I do understand. For me personally I felt it was a good remake that did do a good job at staying true to the source of the original film while going it own way with it.

Overall  I would give Death Wish  a solid 4 out 5