The Big Bang Theory (S11E16) ‘The Neonatal Nomenclature’

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It’s finally time. Bernadette is having her baby… The gang is all here and ready to pitch in… This will be quite a FUN evening. (For who exactly? Bernadette? No…)

It seems like Bern has been pregnant forever and a day? (OR is it just me? The Power of TV pregnancies, can go on and on… like the Energizer bunny, don’t you agree?) She is ready to deliver her baby already. Hilarity ensues, while on the trip to the hospital, she demands someone takes the baby out, with a medical degree. (Bernadette, you are quite demanding!)

Meanwhile back at the house, Howard and Amy are working on their medical grant… While the rest of the crew is babysitting Bernadette. Everyone is providing their two cents on how labor should be induced. I reckon, that Bernadette is the pro here. She would know best? I love Penny though. She is a stead-fast friend, who does not flinch under the pressure. She throws on a pair of rubber gloves and is ready to pull the baby out! (I know! I was in a total fit of laughter.) Penny, means well. We then move onto Yoga. I loved when Bernadette told Penny, about “Bendy poses got me into this mess.” (SO, NO Yoga, for them.) What got poor Bernadette more upset was seeing Penny’s six pack abs. (Girl, hide your stomach, from the pregnant woman!!!)

Raj’s turn. He recommends acupuncture. He wants to do acupuncture on the points of her ankles. There is one small problem… Raj, cannot find Bernadette’s ankles. (This is going to be very awkward. How are you going to explain this, Raj???) The pressure is now building on Leonard. He is now starting to wonder, if his wife is prepared for this. Being a mother of two children is not easy peasy… Guess what happens next? Sheldon offers to play a game with Bernadette! “Campaign for North Africa”. (Love you, Sheldon. BUT, this IS NOT going to help!) What happened next turned the tables. Amy accidentally told Howard about Bernadette wanting to name the baby Michael. Howard doesn’t want his son named after Bernadette’s father. So, Bernadette decides to change the game! No more “Campaign for North Africa”. New game: “Pick a name for Baby Wolowitz!” A bunch of names are rejected right off the bat: Harry, Al, Max, Ted, and Kevin. During the name game, Bernadette starts to go into labor. (PRAISE THE LAWD!)

The gang returns to the house, they all start toying with their own baby names. Wouldn’t you know it, Sheldon has a list? (Surprised? I am not! As I *chuckle and snort*) What is even funnier he blurts out he wants 15 children! Poor Amy. All eyes shift to Penny when he mentioned, he needs a “suitable uterus to rent?” (OMG, stop it. You kill me with laughter constantly, Sheldon!) We are happy to report Bernadette delivers a beautiful baby boy in the morning. His name is Neil Michael.

Penny’s Memorable Labor Moments ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (S11E16) ‘The Neonatal Nomenclature’:
Penny: “I know you are joking, but I grew up on a farm, I’ll do it.”
Sheldon: “Suez. Birth. It’s a night for big canals.” (His snark never fails us!)
Bernadette: “Bendy poses got me into this mess.” (When Penny recommends they do Yoga).

I hope you enjoyed my review. Until next week.