Will & Grace (S09E12) "Three Wise Men"

After what seemed like the longest hiatus ever, Will & Grace is back with new episodes. It seems that they have been able to keep the momentum going. We are back to the humor that has drawn fans in from the start. And it’s nice to see that some things just never seem to change.

Jack (Sean Hayes) has found a new way of life with his “monogamous” relationship. I never thought that he would get to a point in his life where he would want to settle down. There is only one person who isn’t having any of it, his mother, who wanted to grow old with her forever-a-bachelor son.

Grace (Debra Messing) has found herself in yet another conundrum. James (Matt Letscher), a man in the building holds her affection, but she get’s more than she bargains for when he decides that things are just too complicated for his liking. If he only knew. Jack convinces Grace to go out on the town to find a rebound to make her forget her troubles. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues. And it proves to be a very small world.

While Grace is busy getting her groove back, Will (Eric McCormack) and Karen (Megan Mullally) are actually bonding instead of driving each other crazy. Thanks to the unethical entertainment of watching her servants every moves. They both get caught up in a very real story unfolding between two of her staff members, including a taboo love story. It’s twisted, yet I don’t expect anything less from the likes of Karen.

It’s interesting to see the opposites having one on one time with each other, we don’t see that very often. The dynamics are different, but there is still an undeniable spark between the characters. That is one of the things I like about the show so much, the actors all mesh so well together, it adds to an entertaining half hour.

Jack seems to have done it all, and nothing impresses him when it comes to Grace’s sexual conquests, including the latest one to add to her notch, having sex with a random waiter. It’s just what she needed to get over her latest break up. It can never be that easy though, I mean if it was there would be no Will & Grace. The comedy and the awkward situations keep us coming back for more. This episode seems to have all of the above.

On a high from her night, Grace is met by James outside her apartment, wanting to win her back and start from scratch. Perhaps things aren’t as complicated as they first thought. Enter JJ (Andy Favreau) , who happens to be Grace’s latest hook up, and the son of James. You think that’s bad? Just wait, there’s more. Enter the very charming father (Barry Bostwick) of James. Who also happens to be one of Grace’s professors in college. I think you can see what I’m getting at. It looks like “complicated” will always be in the cards for Grace, unfortunately.

Grace, going though one generation at a time. It was fun while it lasted, at least.

Will & Grace airs on NBC every Thursday at 9/8c

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review