Chicago Fire (S06E12) "The F Is For"

Hi, This is my first review.

I hope you will enjoy reading it, as much as I did writing it.

Chicago Fire returned after a month long break. This tv show, is so special to me. It’s packed with action, drama, romance and friendship. I hope you all enjoyed watching this episode. I absolutely loved it.

The episode started with Casey and Severide, opening the gasline. Then they jumped off, of a 5 story high building. While the roof exploded, they both ended up in the river. Casey looked alright, while Severide lost consciousness. Kidd was the first one to act. She immediately geared up, and saved Severide.

Kidd was relly worried about Severide. She hugged him tight, while frowning. Afterwards Zach the Hazmat guy, wrapped a blanket around her. He then hugged her tight, while Severide was staring at Kidd. These two have so much chemistry between them. I always get so happy when they just look at each other.

Next scene was, Casey and Dawson. These old married couple, how Severide calls them. The two lovebirds, were cuddling on the couch. They are so cute together. Then we went back to Kidd and Severide. The latter was looking really sick. Kidd was so worried about him.

She was about to cancel her date with Zach, the Hazmat guy. Kidd helped Severide walk up towards the couch. Severide surprises Kidd, by throwing her playfully on the couch. Stella threw a pillow at Kelly, because she got mad at him. He was laughing, enjoying th prank he pulled on her.

Kidd got annoyed, and left. She told Severide that he’s a terrible person. The latter just grinned and said, I know. Then we get to see Severide and Casey, in Chief Boden’s office. Chief Boden asks if they’re both alright, to start work again.

They both say yes, and then another chief enters. Who brought a journalist photographer. The other Chief tells them, that he agreed with the Sun times. The journalist will take pictures of them while on duty. Daily life of firemen, of firehouse 51.

Dawson and Brett are talking near the ambulance. Hope, an old friend of Brett is asking her to reconcile their friendship. The girl Hope, almost ruined the friendship betwen Brett and Kidd. I will write a recap of season 6 soon. You’ll know more about her then.

The two girls hear someone shouting for help, near the firehouse. They both run out, with Cruz following them. Gerald, a homeless guy. Who’s very kind, he knows Brett and Dawson. They’ve helped him a couple of times.

The guy is injured, a possible arm fracture. Joe, Gabriela and Sylvie help him out. The journalist keeps snapping pictures of them. Cruz asks Dawson, if he should make him stop. To which Gabriela says that it’s no problem.

Afterwards we see Casey hiding from the photographer, in Severide’s office. Kidd then comes and asks if she get’s time off, so she could look into a new appartement. Casey agrees, but Severide looks unhappy about it. 

Brett reads hate messages on facebook, which Hope wrote. The others tell her to attack her back with words. To which Brett says that she will ignore her. Then we see the photographer taking pictures of Kelly and Matt. The three then smoke cigars together. 

When Brett and Dawson return from a call. Dawson is covered in vomit, and is annoyed. The others just look disgusted at her. The journalist then leaves, saying that he will grab some snack from the kitchen.

Casey go’s to the bathroom, and finds the photographer peeping at Dawson. The guy was trying to take pictures of a naked Dawson. Casey confronts him, they then later talk to Chief Boden. The latter tells the other chief, that they will file a report against the photographer.

Herrman gives some advice to a random guy, at Molly’s. Another customer hears him talking, and hands him his business card. The guy helps out people to become a life coach. Herrman looks very pleased.

Gerald returns later, looking beat up. Brett and Dawson go to his place. There they a find a homeless woman, who took over Gerald’s place. Brett tells the woman off, whom then runs away. Sylvie then tells Dawson that she will fight back against Hope.

Odis’s girlfriend becomes Herrman’s first customer. He gives her some advice, which she starts thinking about. She might move to Hawaï. Odis looks irritated and ready to smack someone.

Kidd tries to stay clear from Severide. But she always comes back to him. She tells Severide, that she and Zach might get serious. Stella also confesses, that Kelly is special to her. Kelly is surprised and tells her that he doesn’t want her to leave.

Firehouse 51 get’s a call later. They go and rescue a women from a car accident. The photographer from earlier, got fired from his job. But he came back to the scene to take pictures. He confronts Casey, telling him that he can take as much pictures as he wants.

The photographer get’s hit by car. Casey runs and saves him. Later, Chief Boden tells Casey that he’s proud of him. Dawson thanks Casey for saving her from the creep. Then they both tell each other, that they love each other. 

The consultant for life coaches, tells Herrman that he has to sign a paper. He has to pay him money. The random guy from before is mad. He shouts at Herrman, telling him that he ruined his life.

Odis is annoyed, but doesn’t say a thing. Herrman then says that he will stick to what he knows best. Firefighting and bartending at Molly’s. Then we get to see Kidd and Zach at a fancy restaurant. She accidently starts talking about Severide. Zach is not pleased about that.

He ignores it, and asks her if she wants to meet his sister. To which Kidd agrees. Last but not least we see Severide visiting Casey and Dawson. When he seems them sitting close to each other. Kelly keeps staring at them. I think he’s finally thinking about to settle down.

Well this is a long review, sorry if it was too much. But I just can’t seem to write a short review. This episode had too much stuff, I had to explain. I hope you enjoyed my review. This is my first one, bear with me.

I will see you next week, with a new review. 

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