Lethal Weapon (S02E16) "Ruthless"

After a three week break Lethal Weapon returned this week with a fun, tense emotional filled epsiode.  Lethal Weapon is a show that combines humor,action and drama and does it well, and this epsiode had all the components making  it yet another fun emotional ride.

In the opening scenes we see a gun back program in full swing, when it is robbed.  One of the robbers is found dead, shot by one of the members on his own team. This leaves Bowman wondering how you can get so mad to shoot your own partner, but is easily understood by our favorite detectives Riggs and Murtaugh. It turns out that the guy who was the robber and muderer is a ATF agent named Booker. This really does complicate things.

Things are complicated at home as well. Roger is still fighting with Trish about his reckless behavior and rash decisions and sleeping on the couch. Rianna has had enough and wants him to say sorry and move on. It isn’t going to happen.  Roger even tells Avery that Trish is about to crack, when Avery tells him after talking to Trish he needs to remain neutral.  This in turn has Roger quoting The Art of War and a line from the movie Caddy Shack. It works people, in that moment it made perfect sense.  What other show is going to give you that, pretty sure none. Riggs is spending his evenings playing Mahjong and apparently hiding tiles in his boot, with his new friend Ruthie, whom we met in the last epsiode. Like I said it works, Mahjong is not a game that you would think of, but here again it makes perfect sense that Riggs would be playing with his some what ornery new friend and neighbor.

Back at the preceint  Avery confirms Booker is indeed undercover, we do find that Booker shot the other robber to protect a another office from getting killed.Roger was  having a hard time believing that Booker was undercover  due to his one experience in a undercover operation as Randy Drexler. The problem is Booker isn’t going to give up the guns until he closes the case and catches the drug dealer, Luther Strickland.  Booker’s  supervisor, Charlie Blum, arrives only to discover he and Avery went to the same university, they begin to talk and compare notes on who has  the crazier officer. Both have ulcers and coma fantasies, it can be comforting to find someone who can relate to you. Our Captain Avery clan sure use that. But despite comparing notes  Booker is not changing his mind and that leads to a desperate move.

Riggs is making his own desperate moves, Ruthie has decided to leave after receiving a phone call, and Riggs doesn’t want her to go. What Riggs finds out is that Ruthie is helping him hold onto his sobriety and he doesn’t necessarily want to be alone anymore. While holding onto Ruthie is not the answer, the why he is however is important and another step forward for Riggs, even though it’s painful.

Trying to close his case Booker makes a desperate move and takes Roger at gunpoint into the elevator, without hesitating Riggs climbs onto the elevator. However he has to save himself and Roger before the elevator plunges to the ground. Diving out of the falling elevator was a tense and well executed stunt, it doesn’t get much better than that on TV.

Bringing this case to a close was an absolute delight to watch. We have Roger following Booker to Stricland’s place alone. See this is exactly what Trish is talking about , reckless decisions Roger. Strickland thinking Roger is a cop but no he is Randy Drexler arms broker. Riggs gets to the club and introduces himself as Randy Drexler, yes we have two Drexlers now. What ensues is Lethal Weapon at its best. Roger has to shoot Riggs, but his gun was empty and Riggs stabbing one of the guys and the gunfight that happens and the whole time Riggs and Roger arguing how Roger missed Rigg’s signals, and Roger saying Riggs didn’t give any signals. It was classic and funny in the best possible way. Avery and Blum rush in just in time. The guns are back in the hands of the police and Booker can finally come out. All is good.

All may good professionally but on the home front things are still complicated . Trish demolished Roger’s motorcycle by running it over. Was it done on purpose, we don’t know , but as Rianna pointed out, where are the skid marks. Trish was willing to let things go, but Roger screwed that up and now he is out of the house. Ruthie is leaving, but not before she gives Riggs the Mahjong set and tells him to find someone to play with. Guess who walks in the door. Yes Roger you overplayed your hand, but  don’t worry you’ve got a friend and a game of Mahjong to play, well at least for a night. I don’t think that living arrangement is going to last long, but the fun we are going to have, can’t wait.

As I said at the beginning Lethal Weapon is a fun ride with some emotional content, and action. It is a show that is character driven and just fun.  What person thinks taking naps in the morgue makes sense other than Riggs, when a woman wants your number who else is going to say 9-1-1 but Roger. That was one of the funniest scenes from Roger’s attitude to Riggs throwing his head back in utter disgust, you just have to see it, believe me when I tell you it works people. The whole show just works.  It fills a void that TV seems to be lacking these days and it never forgets what the heartbeat of the show is and that’s the relationship between these two guys. You can’t ask for more than that.

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Until next week.