MacGyver (S02E16) "Hammock + Balcony"

After a month long hiatus MacGyver is finally back in action. With all the waiting, this episode certainly didn’t disappoint. The writers know how to captivate the audience and keep us engaged, leaving us wanting more. It’s a brilliant way to hook unsuspecting viewers, you never know what is going to happen next.

With another covert mission on the rise, tracking down yet another elusive bad guy. The team knows the drill and fall in easily with the tasks that are ahead of them, with one minor adjustment. Leanna (Reign Edwards) has joined their ranks, well at least for this mission. In order to draw out the leader of the crime syndicate, they must become friends with Omar (Edin Gali), the “straight laced” son and his new wife.

Just like any mission, things can never go the way as planned. Including the pairing of Leanna and MacGyver (Lucas Till). While Bozer (Justin Hires) and Riley (Tristin Mays) are brought “together”. MacGyver was quick to Pick up on Bozer’s discomfort, putting two and two together, reassuring Bozer that nothing would happen within the fake marriage. If anything, we know that MacGyver is true to his word. Although such a simplistic task does not go off without a hitch. With a limited timeline, they all need to work their magic fast.

Jack (George Eads) has his own undercover operation going on. He has recruited Jill (Kate Bond) and Elwood (William Baldwin) to help in his risky endeavor. Breaking into Matty’s (Meredith Eaton) house, into her locked safe. Now it seems like Jack has completely lost his mind, but there is a method to his madness. There is a connection between Matty and MacGyver’s dad, and he will do anything to get the information MacGyver rightly deserves.

While on the other side of the world, our fearless foursome has make headway with Omar and Mia (Charlotte McKinney), his blushing bride. Just when things seem to be going their way, their cover has been made, causing the couple to retreat. Not willing to back down from a challenge, they find a way to get to Omar. Complete with chloroform. They get more than they bargained for, especially when the uncover the sadistic nature of Omar, he is not as innocent as they once believed.

This episode certainly keeps the viewer on their toes. It’s one of the reasons I keep watching the show, because you never know where the story is going to next. Just when you think the mission is completed, something else takes you by surprise. Omar’s father (Pasha D. Lychnikoff) was there all along, and it put’s two of the team members in a perilious situation.  Leanna and Bozer fighting for their life is short-lived, but that’s what we expect. MacGyver swoops in to save the day once more. Lessons Learned. Lives Saved. Crisis Averted.

Matty had known all along about the “secret” relationship between Bozer and Leanna. It’s endearing to know that she supports them. The boss lady may come off as a hard ass, but she seems to have a heart of gold. Even if she has been hiding some monstrous secrets from MacGyver.

There are reasons for everything, and the secrets are slowly being exposed.

The truth is out now, and it will sure to carry forth to the next episode. Matty has a lot of explaining to do. MacGyver isn’t going to stand by, idle, anymore. The next episode is sure to be full of twists and turns. Will MacGyver be able to recover from this bombshell? Only time will tell.

The next episode of MacGyver airs on Friday, March 9th on CBS at 8/9c.

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review.