The Goldbergs (S05E14) "Hail Barry"

In this week’s new episode the Bevolution continues! Beverly is obsessed by QVC and decides to make her own product to sell. With the full support of Murray (who thought he had it in him??), Beverly starts her own clothing line of ‘BevWear’. She thinks her idea of covering jean jackets with a lot of other stuff is going to be a great success but both QVC and Erica’s friends are not interested in any of the BevWear items. Murray also doesn’t get them sold at the furniture store and even the thrift store brings the jackets back. When Beverly finds out that the jackets aren’t a big hit, she feels like she’s failed and gives up on the whole Bevolution. But Murray, as surprisingly supportive as he still is, convinces her to go on with it because the Beverly Goldberg he knows never gives up.

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Barry wants to join the football team, and with his mom all caught up in BevWear he may finally get his chance. However, it turns out that Barry isn’t a great football player and Coach Mellor benches him. Even the play he came up with, the so-called ‘Hail Barry’ won’t convince Coach. But Adam thinks it’s all just one big test for leadership like it is in the movies. To convince Coach Mellor that he can be a leader of the team, Barry makes a rap with the rest of the football team. Coach quickly tells him that this isn’t a test and that he just isn’t good enough for the team. Barry is sad, but Adam knows how to make him feel better. He tells him that even though he isn’t playing he can still help get the team to win. And that night, that’s what Barry does. He cheers them on and the football team wins the game after an amazing comeback.

I enjoyed both storylines in this episode, but my favorite of the two was the plot about Beverly’s hideous jackets. Finding out at the end that it was a real thing for Bev in 1980-something, made it even better. I thought it was hilarious to see how terribly the jackets were received (even stray cats instinctively attacked them), but I loved it that Murray was so supportive. It’s not often we get to him in a role like this, as the supporting husband, even Bev and Pops were surprised!

Barry’s storyline was pretty fun as well. The lyrics to both the JTP shuffle and the rap the whole football team did were great. I also liked it that the writers chose to not do the cliche ending that we usually get in the movies Adam was describing. And I loved it that Barry was so happy in the end, even though he didn’t really succeed, but the best part of this storyline was definitely the ending with the real JTP playing football in the JTP Bowl against TV’s JTP. We even got to see the real Barry Goldberg! And he wasn’t the only real Goldberg to appear. The credit scene featured the real Bev, talking with TV’s Bev about BevWear. She has never sold a jacket, but I’m pretty sure after this great episode there are plenty of people who would buy one!

The Goldbergs is back next week March 7th, 8/7c on ABC.