A.P. Bio (S01E04) "Overachieving Virgins"

Be careful who you punish, it might set off a school battle.

When Jack comes to class all hangry, he asked that his students give their snack/lunch that he could eat. But when Marcus makes the situation worst, Jack punishes him by seating in the back looking at the wall under a leaky ceiling. With no one going to give up their snacks, Jack heads out to the vending machines for his favorite chips.

But when there are no chips, Jack talks with the Student Council to get them back but in order to do so he has to speak with the student council president, which happens to be Marcus. Soon it becomes a battle between Jack and Marcus as each torch one another from sending Marcus, Grace and Victor to the principal’s office due to kissing in the classroom to Marcus putting garden dirt on Jack’s parking spot.

With a much frustrated Jack, he gets a call from an unknown call, who’s using auto tune and trying to skip P.E, telling him that the election was ridge. Jack checks out the clue that lead to him to the car junkyard and finding Grace there and learned from her that the election was ridge because Marcus’ parents paid Grace to do so.

Jack confronts the whole Student Council about it and apparently Marcus learned of the news for the very first time. Jack meets with March’s mother, who tries get him to tell Marcus that he won, but that didn’t work and Jack talks with Marcus to fix the whole mess.

Meanwhile, Stef tries to get Mary and Michelle to order her beauty products that are very pricey. Mary and Michelle get Durbin to interfere but failed so they confronted her about it and after a moment she backed off.

“Overachieving Virgins”  was a soft episode that has some moments and not so good moments. The Jack and Marcus storyline in this episode was very good with so much comedic moments and well developed characters. I couldn’t get enough of when Heather tells the class that she steals magazines and gets caught for the thrill. And not to mention when Victor calls Jack for the tip and his gym teacher catches him and tells him to come down and that he’s not on his period. The story with the teachers dealing with their friend wasn’t catching on at all. The writing was good and the performance from Glenn Howerton, Nick Peine and Alisyn Ahsle Arm were amazingly good. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

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