Grey’s Anatomy (S14E13) "You really got a hold on me"

This week’s episode was billed as the introduction to the upcoming spin-off ‘Station 1­9’, more specifically its female lead in Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and sure enough, she proved to be the latest in a long line of fantastic and compelling female figureheads to headline a Shonda Rhimes drama. Whilst Andy is first and foremost the all-action, no-nonsense, brave character we would expect from the leader of a team of Seattle firefighters, Ortiz was also able to show off Andy’s vulnerability when she was confronted by the reality of having to clamp a young boy’s aorta knowing that if she got it wrong he may well have died. This was a great introduction to the character and if the rest of the characters are as captivating as Andy then ‘Station 19’ will surely have no trouble cementing itself as a regular in the ABC’s ‘TGIT’ line-up.

We also see Station 19’s newest recruit in our very own Ben Warren (Jason George) as a firefighter for the first time, though he is having a hard time breaking old habits being around the hospital. When he and Andy arrive at the hospital with two severely injured boys, his experience proves useful when he is able to provide Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and April (Sarah Drew) with an update, but he soon finds himself disrupting Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) teaching of Dr Qadri (Sophia Taylor Ali). This is only the first of several times this week that Ben finds himself on the outside of a place he used to call home, with Richard (James Pickens Jr) kicking him out of both the theatre and gallery.

Speaking of Richard, he spends the week following Bailey (Chandra Wilson) around like a shadow, trying to persuade her to do as little as possible following her heart attack a few episodes ago. As you can imagine, Miranda gets tired of this very quickly, with Richard offering to take over from her during surgery being the metaphorical straw that breaks the camel’s back, telling Richard that he should know better than to think she would come into an operating room and put a boy’s life at risk before she was ready.

April meanwhile, is continuing on her downward spiral. She now has earned the nickname ‘The Party’ amongst the interns, and Jackson (Jesse Williams) is trying to step in before it gets too far, first going to Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) before confronting April herself, but to no avail. Arizona however, soon sees for herself how far into darkness April has fallen, as she walks into the bar to see April standing on a table, giving the interns shots before drinking liquor straight from the bottle. The look on Arizona’s face speaks a thousand words as she sees the true extent of April’s troubles.

The results of the previous episode’s research proposals also continues to be felt this week, particularly by Alex (Justin Chambers) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), who are working tirelessly to find a way to save young Kimmie Park (Nayah Damesen), who is fast deteriorating from a brain tumour that even Amelia can do nothing about. Viewers will remember of course that Amelia and Alex’s project didn’t make the cut to receive funding, which is why – as well as DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Sam (Jeanine Mason) – Amelia has called in help from Tom Koracick (Greg Germann). As soon as he arrives, Koracick proceeds to get under the skin of Alex, belittling his specialty by saying “mascots are important too”, flirting with Amelia instead of focussing on the work and repeatedly calling him by the wrong name. Amelia acknowledges that “he’s a tool”, but as Amelia trusted him to remove her own tumour, he is clearly amongst the best of the best. Even after meeting and getting to know Kimmie, Koracick maintains that the team are wasting their time trying to fix her and should be instead focussing their efforts on preventing this in future patients. Amelia berates him for giving up, and it is during this outburst that she says something that gives him a lightbulb moment. Finally, they may have a way to save her. The final scene we see of Kimmie this week is of her and Alex singing together. I’ve watched thirteen and a half seasons of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ now and, whilst I really hope I’m wrong, this has all the hallmarks of a Grey’s tragedy where Kimmie ultimately ends up passing away before they can make the new procedure work. Like I say, I really hope I’m wrong.

Other observations

  • We finally had an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where no-one died!
  • So Meredith’s other two children are alive! We’ve seen plenty of Zola but Derek and Ellis have been non-existent!
  • Who else caught the ‘Seattle Grace’, ‘Seattle Grace Mercy West’ and ‘Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic’ signs in Bailey’s office?

Grey’s Anatomy returns next Thursday, March 8th at 8/7c on ABC