Life In Pieces (S03E13) "Therapy Cheating Shoes Movie"

Another week, another fun filled half hour with the Shorts.

“Therapy Cheating Shoes Movie” was another winning episode in m book with the humorist moments of Joan getting Tyler and Clementine back together to Tim getting Holly to do his driving test online and Heather tries to make Holly feel bad until Holly tells her that she told the DMV about it and Tim get’s his licence suspended. And not to mention Jen getting sick and tired of the family adding more family time with movie night, but realized that it’s important and fun.

I really enjoyed this episode that it had me laughing from time to time. There stories were so well developed mainly with the movie story one about Jen. I couldn’t get enough of the Tim, Holly and Heather story with the DMV, as it was one of my favorites. And I think that were’ pretty much happy and knowing that Tyler and Clementine would get back together. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

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