Burden of Truth (S01E02&E03) "The Ties That Bind" "Still Water"

With Joanna(Kristen Kreuk) launching her investigations into the mystery behind the girl’s sickness she meets some resistance from the town members like the Mayor but that doesn’t deter her from her path and we see more of her persistence and strong will as she doesn’t take no for an answer. The show seems to portray a lot of strong women which I must say I enjoy rather than seeing damsels in distress as compared to other shows. The strong women range from adults even to the teenage girls infected.
The sick kids seem to be really affected as we see it through Molly (Sarah Thompson) and Taylor (Anwen O’Driscoll) really show the turmoil of emotions they are undergoing. The actresses playing them have really captured the range of emotions from helplessness to anger and nailed their performances. With their sickness we see both girls limited to their previous activities and the pain and mockery they undergo take a toll on them. Such behavior really makes you tick so hats off to the writers including such an important arc in this story that will serve as education to the masses on disgusting behavior. The silver lining in their sickness is that Dianna (Nicola Correia-Damude) pushes the girls to talk to each other which just might prove to help them get through this hardship.

While Joanna investigates areas around the field she ends up discovering that someone is tailing her which only fuels her to get to the bottom of things with the help of Billy(Peter Mooney) and friends like Owen(Meegwun Fairbrother) and Dianne which just might prove to be useful in the future. As for the friendship between Joanna and Dianne the scenes we’re getting makes me wish the writers will include a flashback and wee teenage versions of themselves hang out just to see how they connected from before when they weren’t  weighed down with responsibilities.

With the discovery of a barrel containing chemicals in the field’s ground Joanna and Billy just might have had a breakthrough in their case as they finally have a valid clue to their case. And not only that they may have just found the reasons as to what’s making the girls sick. When Ben Matheson (David Lawrence Brown) offers to take care of the barrel it doesn’t sit well with Joanna which ends up with her following the disposal team so that they know how the chemicals will be disposed of but things go awry when someone ends up trying to run them over. This makes Ben come off quite suspicious as the car that had been following Joanna had been found out to previously belong to his employee. Could Ben and his mill be directly involved with the barrel found in the field if so karma’s a real bitch since his daughters is one of the sick kids.

With Molly agreeing to be the face of the case Billy and Joanna might just have a chance to win this case the only thing left is to get to the bottom of everything and discover the truth. But with Joanna’s sudden suspicions of Ben they just might have a strong lead. The uproar of the news behind Ben caused quite a stir amongst the town folks as we see town member blame him and things get quite heated. We also see the news cause a strain between Molly and Taylor whose friendship I must say is quite enjoyable to watch but luckily the two resolve their issues with the help of Dianne. Despite the suspicious activities of Ben and the incriminating evidence I don’t think he’s directly involved with the disaster because if he is it would just be an anticlimactic reveal.

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Another interesting factor is Joanna and Luna’s closeness for people who just met recently they seem to have a bond and respect for each other and the fact that Luna’s mom is hell bent against them interacting just makes matters more interesting, as to what could be the reason behind it.

Joanna’s dad comes off more suspicious with every new discovery like the fact that he hid his wife’s mental illness as a secret from Joanna, this really makes you question if he admitted her into a psychiatric ward to stop her from revealing something. And the way he tries so hard to convince Joanna to come back to the point he personally comes down to do so makes him come off as desperate.

Every episode makes you hooked o the show even more than the previous ones so for any person looking for a good show to watch i recommend this show since it attracts audiences of all ages and has an interesting plot.

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