Burden of Truth (SO1E04&E05) "Family Ties" "Witch Hunt"

As for episode four the biggest reveal and the most important part of the episode is when we discover that Joanna and Luna could be half-sisters. I mean this bombshell was totally beyond everything I imagined thus I think the writers are on the right track and this show might just be the next big thing.  As for Joanna’s dad well his character seems to be going downhill with every episode and with this news he has proven to be one of the worst characters on the show. What I still find disturbing is how Joanna seems to bear the brunt of her father’s mistakes I don’t get why people punish her for it, that’s highly unfair of them.

Seeing the girls have fun was pleasing to watch since they deserve a break after all they’ve been going through. And it proves to show even when facing hardships one can sit back and enjoy themselves and not just despair all the time. What was also a bonus was seeing that not everyone in the town was so narrow-minded.

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With the trial approaching Joanna seems to be on edge as they still haven’t been able to discover the truth and the information on Luna adds on to it. Going against the town’s main employer proves in this episode that it’s going to bring a lot of complications for them. As we see someone hurl something and shatters Billy’s window and that’s not the only issue they face as they are met with hostility from the town members. The town priest just aggravates the matter with his unnecessary morality sermon.

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As a result of the principal suspending the sick girls Diane throws a separate prom for the girls but before they attend it they go to the school prom and Luna ends up punching someone which was a scene that everyone was awaiting to be honest. At the separate prom we see that not all the students are against the girls which was relieving to know that not all the town people are ignorant.

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At the prom Owen arrives with the results of the DNA test that might just change everything for both Joanna and Luna. We see some spark between Dianne and Owen though Owen’s game sucks and needs to be bettered watching him try to flirt was painfully awkward. Curious to see how their story will unfold.

Joanna and Billy end up being forced to dance by the girls who seem to share some sentiments with the audience on the two of them. This case seems to be getting quite serious as Joanna ends up getting a death threat for her involvement, this just goes to show someone is trying to hide something quite badly and the town folks aren’t going to be happy with revelation of the truth.

Seeing Joanna in action with the principal just showed how much she cared for the girls despite what her denials and how badass of a lawyer she is. Serves the principal right and hats off to Kristen Kreuk for delivering the amount of passion that the scene required. All the actors in the show seem to be delivering their performance exceptionally well. As for the writers great job leaving as in suspense on the results of the DNA test if the results are positive Luna you are in for a surprise as it may seem that being a lawyer does run in your blood after all.

As for the final scene when we learn of her dad defending the accused company well let’s just say this storyline is going to be quite interesting. As for her father his character gets worse per episode and for someone who claims to be innocent of the allegations his actions prove otherwise. But one thing’s for certain despite Joanna lacking the necessary fund I am quite sure she’ll win this case since she has passion and she cares about these girls so her day’s firm is in for one hell of a fight.

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