Chicago Med (S03E11) "Folie A Deux"

A questionable act of a patient, a father’s weird reunion with her daughter and a moment that was slowly building has finally taken off.

When Ethan and April were playing around in his apartment, Ethan gets a call of someone getting stabbed in the stomach in his own apartment. The stabber is of course hurt too and freaking out and its put into question with Dr. Charles when he looks into her mental state. When her friend comes to visit, she gives a strange vibe and says things from having her check and who would drive her to work kind of thing.

Dr. Charles tries to show Jay Halstead that the patient wasn’t the one who did it but her so called “friend” and tried to prove it by questioning her. He calls it “Folie A Deux” which stands for “two madness” or when someone’s mental state convinces another person of the same mental state like she thinks the guy that she stabbed is a killer.

In the meantime, Natalie treats an infant that presents with whooping cough and goes through all the channels to help the kid survive, even though the baby isn’t yet immune yet. But Natalie learns that the baby caught the illness from her son, who isn’t vaccinated and gets a word with the husband and father about it.

Noah treats a patient, who shows signs of a heart attack and gets the approval from the Troll, but when Rhodes and Bekker treat the patient it’s a total different story. When Bekker and Rhodes take the patient to surgery, they see that the patient has a bad aortic dissection that requires to chill the patient in order to fix and save.

Bekker was pissed that Noah didn’t see it and it really didn’t make him feel better, but some guild lines from Rhodes did help. Later, both Rhodes and Bekker accommodated each other with how great of work they did with that patient. But they get word from Latham that he’ll be hand picking his team to separate conjoint twins.  And soon after the news, the two talked a bit more and the moment came when they finally kissed.

With Dr. Charles taking care of his patient, he gets a visit from another person, who thought needed help and medication.  But it turns out the patient is actually the father of Dr. Sarah Reese, who wants to connect with her. Soon, Reese gets a letter from her dad, who hasn’t seen him in 20 years, that he’s in town and wants to see her, she does meet with him and is taking a chance with him. But I’m with Charles as things don’t seem right at all with this as he tells him things that even Charles can’t say to Reese about.

“Folie A Deux” was another great hour of television of character development, strong writing and kept it really interesting for the whole hour. I don’t get too tired of watching Natalie stand up for vaccinations for kids and watching her call the husband/father/brother-in-law an idiot was something cool and such a Halstead move. The stabbing patient case was such an interesting one to watch through this episode and learning about a mental disorder that I’ve never heard of and not to mention Reese and her father. I thought that Reese’s father would be somewhat kind of different but didn’t expect a professor as all, but with the stuff he’s pulling and saying to Charles, I question it 110 percent. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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