The Flash(S04E15): "Enter Flashtime"

For the first time we finally get an episode were we see how long Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) can last in his speed, but I will get to that sooner or later in the review lets get to what made this a fantastic episode and it was interesting too.

So in this episode a organization called Eden Core, which will become a huge organization that will cause more problems in the future of the series, just watch you will see. The organization set off a nuclear bomb in Argus’s possession in hopes to rid the world from all of it’s filth.  Barry/The Flash immediately when the bomb is about to go off forces all of Central City to slow down in a stand still. Thanks to Cisco (Carlos Valdes) we have a name for that ability that Barry used in this episode will be known as Flashtime. Hint, hint at the name of the episode title!

When Barry realized he couldn’t figured out how to stop the bomb himself he requested the help of Jesse (Violett Beane) and Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) to come up with a solution to stop the bomb. Only once Jay entered Earth 1 he immediately started feeling the wear and tear of Flashtime realizing he can’t go on for a very long time. When throwing a lightning bolt from each speedster didn’t work cause of Jay not able to go on any longer, and Jesse soon losing her edge in Flashtime as well, Barry works on trying to find a way to stop the bomb.

Now with this episode, I have to admit that I did like seeing an episode based fully on Barry’s Flashtime that way we get the understanding of the ability but they almost played into a comic book storyline that would’ve played into another future flash to play into another villainy role which we all don’t want to see that play out again. The comic book storyline I’m talking about is from the New 52 comics where Barry and Wally in the comic story throw a bomb into the speedforce forcing it to die and all speedsters lose their abilities, future Flash was forced to come back into the time that Barry was about to throw the bomb into the speedforce and was there to try to kill Barry but instead killed Wally. But we have already have a storyline on the series where Future Flash tried this and tried killing Iris (Candice Patton) so lets not get a rewrite in that storyline in future seasons which is why Jay Garrick told Barry it is unwise to throw the bomb into the speedforce.

So when all seemed to be lost in hope Iris gave Barry an idea use the speedforce lightning to stop the bomb and with that idea Barry ran as fast as he can into the speedforce to grab the device and the lightning canceled out the bomb and took the Cisco device back into the speedforce. And everyone lives to see another day, and we see Mystery Girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy) make another appearance but this time she was playing Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) about needing to meet someone there at Jitters. Now a lot of people are continuing with the theory that Mystery Girl is Dawn Allen but we really don’t know who she is, I’m sticking with the theory of her being either Wally’s kid Iris West II aka Impulse or possibly being Cisco and Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) future child. But I guess we will see very soon, because I have a feeling that her identity will be revealed within the next few episodes.

Next Episode: The Flash(S04E16): “Run, Iris, Run” airs Tuesday March 13, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW