The Walking Dead (S08E10) The Lost and the Plunderers (Spoilers ahead)

Reeling from Carl’s death, Rick and Michonne head back to the landfill to once again try to recruit Jadis and the garbage people to help them against the Saviors.  Unfortunately, Simon, still pissed after being beaten by the Hilltop, gets there first.  Beforehand, however, cracks start to form in his relationship with Neegan as he continues to questions Neegan’s leadership and decisions.  Neegan sends him to the landfill to make the standard message, and Simon looses his head and kills everyone but Jadis.  This will no doubt cause drama as soon as Neegan finds out, but he has other fires to put out, especially when he learns Maggie and the Hilltop are holding 38 of his men captive.

After Simon’s massacre at the landfill, Rick and Michonne make their way in and views the carnage.  As soon as Rick realizes what’s happened, he says ‘screw this’ and he and Michonne try to make a way out, leaving Jadis, seemingly traumatized by what happened, on a mountain of garbage by herself to deal with the zombie army of what used to be her people.  They leave, and she turns on a garbage disposal and lures the zombies straight to their deaths.

After the landfill, Rick finally pulls over to read the letters Carl left for him.  He reads the one Carl left for Neegan first, and calls Neegan over the walkie talkie.  Rick tells Neegan about Carl, and Neegan is genuinely upset about the news.  He asks if the Saviors did it, and when Rick tells him Carl got bit bringing someone in to help, Neegan pulls his bag of psychology tricks out of his hat and tries to put the blame on Rick, really trying to get into Ricks head.

The key points of the episode are:  Rick is a hothead.  He pretends he’s not, but he never seems to learn.  At this point in the apocalypse, he should know by now not to try to deal with people who are proven traitors.  It only bites you in the ass.  He let Carl’s letter to Neegan get to him .  Instead of trying to use Carl’s death as a path to peace, Rick’s continuing the war.
Neegan is loosing control over the Saviors.  If Simon was able to convince his group to lie to Neegan about what happened at the landfill so easily, Neegan has a serious problem on his hands.  Especially now that they know Maggie has 38 of his men at the Hilltop.  Neegan vs Simon has been brewing for a while, but this is the first time we see out and out mutiny in the ranks.  It’ll be interesting to see how he deals with it once he finds out.  Neegan seemed to genuinely care about Carl.  I think Carl’s death will play a big role in what’s to come between the two groups.

Jadis may be a woman on her own right now, but don’t count her out.  She was resourceful enough to create a brand new world on her own before, I expect we’ll see her back and with a vendetta against the Saviors (or at least Simon) for what happened.
What were your big takeaways from this episode?  Do you think Neegan and Rick ever could have had peace?  Will Rick ever learn from his mistakes or will he be doomed to keep repeating them?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and let’s discuss.