This Is Us (S02E17) "This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life"

This week’s episode was another emotionally powerful episode of a child’s view from birth to where she is now.

“This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life” was written as a beautiful and powerful view point of one child of Deja from birth, growing up with a mother and grandmother and dealing with the foster care system to even meeting with the Randall’s family. Trying to keep hope that her mother, Shauna, would get better and stay on the right track. But when Shauna gets Deja back and comes home along with her new friend that happen to cause more trouble as time goes on that would leave her do that gun charges that really wasn’t her gun at all.

You see where she picks up the attitude just a bit when she first comes into Randall’s home from a friend in the foster system. But not to mention took one advice by heart that if she’s in a home with a bed, she hangs on to it tightly.

As the episode progress, we come back to the present after Randall and Beth found Deja and Shauna sleeping in their car. They take them in, fixed them dinner and watched a movie along, but as all of this was happening Shauna was watching Deja on how happy she was being around Randall’s family as if she belongs here. Once Deja goes to her room, Shauna talks with Beth about her life and daughter and decided that it was best for her to stay here and her to go leaving Deja in Randall and Beth’s hands.
I thought this episode was so beautifully written and the performance from Lyric Ross as Deja was amazingly and emotionally engaging. I thought that the during certain scenes like the births and such was so interesting and in a way that Deja is like a real part of the Pearsons. The final scene with Shauna leaving was tear-jerking moment of the episode, along with many others.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch the season finale of This Is Us next Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC.