An Interview with Sam Daly

  1. You’ve got a lot of projects coming up, all very different from each other. How do you prepare for each role?   I’ve bounced back and forth between comedy and drama a lot in my career. I prepare for each role in the same way. I try to live the life of the character and immerse myself in his world. By the time I get on set, I am living as that person and everything comes naturally.
  2. What can we expect from Cut Throat City?  When will we see a trailer for it? Expect to be thrilled. Expect to be moved. And expect a trailer sometime in the coming months. This one’s going to be huge!
  3. What was it like working with the cast? It was amazing working with such a large and diverse cast of ridiculously talented men and women. I always love meeting new people on projects and you never know who will become a lifelong friend. This project was no different.
  4. What can we expect from Office Uprising? Expect to laugh, a lot. Also, to jump out of your seat at some of the action and scary sequences. This is a true action/comedy with a zombie element. Three fantastic genres if you ask me.
  5. Which do you like more, comedy or drama? It’s hard to say. I mean, who doesn’t love a good comedy? I certainly do. Laughing is a fantastic workout but at the same time, I love being moved emotionally by drama. If I had to choose one I would probably lean towards comedy but drama is a close second.
  6. Do you prefer to work in film or tv? I love the consistency of TV and taking time to tell stories over an extended period. However, film is my first love. I was a film major in college. Truthfully, I prefer to be on a TV series and do films while on hiatus.
  7. Why be an actor?  Was it expected because of your parents, or did you ease into it? Only be an actor if you absolutely love it and simply can’t live without it. My parents wanted me to follow my own path and find my own happiness in whatever profession I pursued. I was not a child actor. I didn’t know I wanted to pursue acting as a profession until I was almost done with college. My parents were shocked, proud and excited at the same time when I told them that was my dream. I’ve never looked back.
  8. What’s it like working with your father (Tim Daly) on “Madam Secretary”? It’s always a pleasure working with my family. Being on the same show is fantastic, but unfortunately, we haven’t shot any scenes together…yet.
  9. Does working with him on set make things more complicated or easier? Easier. My family is very close and we love being around each. We all care so deeply about telling stories and acting. Any chance we get to work together is always welcomed.
  10. What can we look for on this season of “Madam Secretary”? More of the same great drama. More influence from real life politics. More saving the world just when it looks like it’s about to fall apart.
  11. What was it like growing up with parents who are actors? It was totally normal and at the same time totally weird. Having actor parents is all I know, so I just assumed everyone’s parents were actors for a long time. I used to tease my parents for making faces for a living. Little did I know that I would go on to make faces for living as well.
  12. How do you balance acting and home life? I have the most amazing and supportive wife. I have a ridiculously sweet and beautiful one-year old son. I have a stud 85-pound golden retriever. When I am acting, I am all in. When I’m at home, I am all in. I prioritize both because my family and my job are the most important things in my life. Friends and food are a close second.
  13. Would you want your children to be actors as well? I want my son to follow his own dreams and be whatever he wants to be. If that’s an actor, then great! If he wants to be an architect, amazing. If he ends up playing for the Lakers, dream come true.
  14. If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing? Playing for the Lakers.
  15. Tell me one thing about yourself that would surprise fans. I played college basketball with the current Cavs GM, Koby Altman.