"Prodigy" (2017)

DIRECTORS: Alex Haughey, Brian Vidal
WRITERS: Alex Haughey, Brian Vidal
Cast:    RICHARD NEIL  (The Bold and the Beautiful, Entourage, Veronica  Mars): Fonda;     SAVANNAH LILES –  (Savannah has proven her talent in a range of diverse work from Nickelodeon to American Horror Story, and was rewarded for it last
year with a Young Artist Award): Ellie;    Emilio Palame (Expelled, The Eric Andre Show, Book Club): Birch;     Jolene Andersen (The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Syrup, Criminal Minds): Olivia;    David Linski (Nobody Can Cool, Outworld,
A Villain’s Plan): Keaton;   Harvey Johnson (Help on the Highway, Stain,
Floreana): Werner  Aral Gribble (Dial a Prayer, College Humor,
Ageless): Ryan 

Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE horror addict, and that I’m also a HUGE supporter of indie films. That said, once in a while, an indie film comes along that simply speaks to me. “Prodigy” is one of those films. Taking the film festivals by storm, this film has made its mark. 

prodigy still 25 color1 - "Prodigy" (2017)

This is a very character-story driven film. Alex Haughey and Brian Vidal did not just themselves proud, but the viewer as well. Sometimes the story starts out strong, then slowly dumbs down…no one who sees this film will feel that way. The story starts strong and leaves us very satisfied. For me, “Prodigy” made me think that Ellie is Stephen King’s Carrie White if Carrie had been born in another time. Savannah Liles plays the beyond genius-level Ellie with superb confidence. This is an actress to watch….she could well be our next Dakota Fanning. I fell in love with those superior freckles.

prodigy still 49 color 1 - "Prodigy" (2017)

Ellie’s “foe”, Dr. Fonda, (presented to us by the lovely Richard Neil,) commands the screen with a wonderful, almost embarrassed, quietness. This man, who is also an accomplished voice actor, is like watching Gary Cooper’s Sargent York. You are drawn to him when he enters a scene, without having to say a word. Being able to do that is the mark of a true heart.

This is a story of lost and found. Everyone loses someone, but not everyone finds someone who knows about loss. This movie reaffirms that hope is all around us. In a place we might not expect, we find, not what we lost, but something new. Something, perhaps we didn’t know or thought we needed. Alex and Brian have given a gift that we need right now. With all the negativity in the world, this is the “little indie that could.” Suspenseful and dramatic, it’s tense, with the right amount of …..well…let’s call it “anti-sentimental” (kind of like an anti-hero). 

prodigy still 06 color - "Prodigy" (2017)

This movie is pure…it’s simply complex and should be seen by everyone. On March 13, 2017, you can see it with VOD services. Here’s the link to Itunes: 


See this movie, it’s worth it. Always remember: “Everyone has a process.”