Riverdale (S02E13&E14) "The Tell-Tale Heart" "The hills have eyes"

alice - Riverdale (S02E13&E14) "The Tell-Tale Heart" "The hills have eyes"
Episode thirteen felt like a roller-coaster ride with the highs and lows not to mention the shocking reveals. I have to say the Riverdale writers are really pulling out all the right tricks to keep the audience intrigued by the show. Despite this season starting off with a slow start it seems to have picked up pace and is moving in the right direction. As for the episode I personally liked that this episode was somehow focused on the Coopers a lot. With how the last episode ended seeing the mother daughter duo work together was really entertaining. But it really makes you question how far their secret will remain a secret considering that they were responsible for disposing of the body. Could this be a plot by Chic to later frame them? Luckily later on with FP’s help they permanently get rid of the body so there goes any physical evidence against them. As for Hal’s character his sudden change brings drama to the show but at the same time his character is getting annoying so I hope the writers don’t stretch it out for too long. I really found it really amusing despite all of Hal’s attitude he is still scared of Alice finding out about his affair it just makes the audience look forward to her reaction on finding out and it definitely won’t be good for Hal.

Seeing the Jones family in this episode just goes to show how constant FP’s character development has been through this episodes and I must say I really like what the writers are doing to his character. Majority of the Riverdale parents seem like horrible parents so seeing the few good ones makes the show interesting resulting to amazing story lines. When FP stands with Jughead against the Lodges and supports his son’s writing that felt like one of the most important scenes of this episode and the fact that it was against Hiram made it even better. Jughead has always been smart but for Hiram to be threatened by his articles to the point he offers an indirect bribe to shut him up makes you wonder what he is really doing. But one thing’s for certain Jug won’t give up so easily he will get to the bottom of everything and find a way to deliver the truth to the people of Riverdale.

riverdale - Riverdale (S02E13&E14) "The Tell-Tale Heart" "The hills have eyes"

The writers seem to really be teasing Falice fans in this episode with the scene at Pop’s diner. Are the writers feeding at Falice fans with the scenes or am I just reading too much into a scene whatever the case the chemistry between the two actors is phenomenal and I hope the writers tap into it as it could lead to an amazing story line and they may just have another big bad ass ship in the show that could even rival Bughead and Varchie.

falice - Riverdale (S02E13&E14) "The Tell-Tale Heart" "The hills have eyes"

The biggest shock in this episode was the revelation of Agent Adams being a fake agent. I already had suspected he was shady his behavior was a bit odd for an FBI agent but to learn he was employed by the Lodges was a shocker. But what was even more shocking was learning Hermoine orchestrated it all. What does this mean? Is Hermoine actually an equal partner with Hiram despite what we’ve been led to believe? Is she behind the dirty work of the business and maybe responsible for Papa Putin’s death? Riverdale writers sure know how to keep the audience intrigued by mysteries.

As for last night’s episode yet again the writers have delivered a full packed episode with the actors doing a phenomenal role with their characters. This episode the writers really fed the Choni shippers with content could this be the start of something between the two? Knowing Cheryl is bi-sexual curious to see how the writers will spin this story line and maybe now we finally more of her on screen.

choni - Riverdale (S02E13&E14) "The Tell-Tale Heart" "The hills have eyes"

What I also found adorable was seeing Kevin and Josie bonding after Josie revealing his dad’s affair with her mom this may just result to us seeing more of the friendship between the two. On Kevin’s arc are the writers hinting at Moose and his relationship and have they shut the lid on any romance between Fangs and Kevin? Only time will tell but I hope the writers do give Fangs and Kevin a chance there’s a lot of potential to be explored between the two.

jevin - Riverdale (S02E13&E14) "The Tell-Tale Heart" "The hills have eyes"

As for the relationship between Sheriff Keller and Mayor Maccoy I still find it wrong call me old fashion but adultery is still adultery despite how the writers are spinning it and trying to make it seem less wrong. Love shouldn’t cause harm to other people especially when the people involved in the act have spouses. The writers are giving a negative connotation to love with these two. I feel like their situation could be handled better but I enjoyed Kevin going off on his dad.

As for the Blossoms just when you think they have taken a step forward the mother daughter duo take two steps back. How long will the resentment between the two carry on? Do the writers plan to give them a development in their relationship or will they always have such a terrible relationship? Really hope it’s the former and not the latter.

As for the trip the core four took I like how the writers took a dig at the main couples by letting them pass remarks on each other. Not only was it funny but it proves to show the writers are listening to some of the complaints the audience had or just shared similar sentiments with the audience. Either way the scenes were amazingly written. As for the kiss between Jug and Veronica I found it rather unnecessary and if that was the way the writers were catering to the Jeronica shippers there were better ways to satisfy them.

As for learning about Hiram buying the trailer park and the review it just makes you wonder what he is up to. And the argument that arose between the four wasn’t one that will just blow over. Like Jug had said earlier on that a small thing and the four would split and their friendship would unravel quite easily. Was this a foreshadow from the writers that their friendship is going to unravel due to Hiram’s activities? That would be interesting to watch not to mention the drama it will entail. Despite Hiram buying the review no one will shut Alice down and prevent her from revealing the truth and Hal just dug himself a grave with Alice. Really looking forward to Alice confronting Hal and at the rate they are going I really doubt their marriage can be salvaged. As for the core four the reconciliation for now maybe short lived as the words they said to each other can’t be ignored and sooner or later it will cause differences against them.

core 4 - Riverdale (S02E13&E14) "The Tell-Tale Heart" "The hills have eyes"

As for Archie he seems to be turning into Hiram’s lap dog which in turn is making him oblivious to Hiram’s activities and in a way an accomplice to his misdeeds. The writers sure are making him come off as a dumb joke unless they have a plot twist in store for us. I’m surprised Archie’s opinion on Hiram has changed so easily and he now supports murder. Despite Cassidy being in the wrong two wrongs don’t make a write either and the law is there for a reason. Could this story line be further explored or will it die along just like all the other mini storylines that had potential?

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