UnREAL (S03E02) “Shield”

Oh boy what an episode this week! UnREAL is certainly making up for past seasons follies, plying us with a Suitress whom is anything but stereotypical. Serena is no joke, and she doesn’t hide this in anyway. From setting up her own deep dive on the guys from mere bits of trash, to absolutely destroying them at poker, she pulls no punches. The production team hasn’t had to deal with someone of this particular difficulty before, so seeing them have to adjust their strategies is incredibly entertaining. One thing the show doesn’t lack is its array of diverse women, so it’s great seeing that Serena continues the pattern. She is intelligent, confident, and complex. She and Quinn are both powerful, but in different ways.

Something else the show is great at is showing how produced reality TV is. The way the production team puts together the drama and events is masterful. Each member seems to have their own style of manipulation, which often makes the behind the scenes a competition. Quinn generally has a handle on things, but as we’ve seen before sometimes things get out of control. In this episode particularly we see how quickly she loses grip after her conversations with Crystal and Chet. Quinn is notorious for not processing her emotions very well, and her vice of choice is alcohol; Vodka specifically. She goes over board and makes a series of decisions that are going to have some pretty big consequences, especially on her relationship with Rachel.

Oh Rachel. Our poor, sweet, jaded Rachel. I like that she is attempting some self care this season, at least she is more aware of her illness and her triggers now. She is still the best at what she does, but I’m already sensing storms on the horizon for her. The way she antagonizes Alexi was fantastic, it was just the hint of drama needed to push “Everlasting” to the next level. She is certainly proving why she is Quinn’s right hand. However, her whole relationship with August is doomed from that same closeness. It’s going to be hard seeing how Rachel finds out and handles it, as I’m sure she will not take it lying down. We can certainly anticipate an explosive confrontation on the horizon.

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