Bull (S02E16) "Absolution"

“Bull seizes the opportunity to make amends on a case that sent an innocent man to prison”  He Lost one?! What?! This was my first thought when I read the summary. I never knew! 
And so we begin the tale of a late night 9 years earlier.  We hear the story of 3 men in a club; popping pills, drinking, laughing. It’s a night in celebration of promotions!  Life is good; Work is gold!💸  #kaching
Thru the fog of fun, Derrick Graham  (Adam David Thompson) sees the girl of his dreams. He tells the fellas, he’s gonna marry her! #atfirstsight 💘
They connect. He wants to walk her home, after hours. She declines, yet gives him her number; on his arm.
They kiss, & then say goodbye. She feels confident on a dark street, near home. They go their separate ways.
The next day, first thing, Mr Graham is questioned about Ashley Richardson (Laura Dale)…the girl from last night. She’s dead. Her body was found in the park;  beaten, bitten, raped &  strangled. Graham’s a suspect. The only suspect
Graham’s the last to see her as she crossed the street. After all, he’s on the street camera! So he done it! #really?!
And so what follows, is some of the most 💩  police work ever!
For 8 hours, Detectives Rue & Bradley (Maceo Oliver, Ivan Martin) questioned Graham.  He was not under arrest, yet manuvered out of right to council. #dueprocess
Furthermore, Graham is convinced by Rue &  Bradley that he blacked out and killed Ashley. They even went so far as to claim Ashley, in her dying breath, (she was already dead) identified him. As we see someone writing “Derrick” with a childlike scrawl, 🖍 
He admits he can’t remember much after waking up. So exhaused & coerced he confesses. 
Today, this is the story told by Jason Bull to his team. Derrick Graham is Bull’s first. He lost and Derrick, went to prison. He still believes, “this man is innocent” 
A recent ruling on bite marks, opens a window of opportunity. Bull wants a new trial & …Absolution.
In a subtale: It’s Uncle Chunk, who is now “Dad”  tryna reach his niece who was always his daughter. He has a “Star on Fox” cutaway & sings, 🎤”It’s a Shame”🎸 (Wonder, Wright, Grant) The Spinners version, to his baby girl. #nice
And so Bull backtracks, looking for witnesses.  One buddy Matt (AZ Kelsey), is in prison. Something about bad trading.
 The other friend, Josh & the one passing oxy that night (James Ginty) is upstairs, in what was tao be Graham’s office- pulling big bank! #kaching 💰 He’s willing to testify. That’ what friends are for! 
 A new trial is granted. Same Judge (Yolanda Ross) ADA Madden (Frank Harts)  same witnesses and… the detectives. 
And  they’re  still playing dirty. Right down to promising someone named Sheffield, Graham’s cellmate, to testify of Graham’s cell block confession. #fakenews
During the trial, TAC is 3 out of 12 in the green lights & Bull is sleeping on the coach in his office. #hardsell
However, foreign DNA is found within the evidence. It’ s not Graham’s nor Ashley’s Who’s is it?!  Bull goes with The Othello’s theory. What you believe to be absolutely true, maybe isn’t.
Right out of the gate:  Josh…a good friend, words are twisted…badly. Prosecutor Madden attacks; the judge overrules every objections. She looks like she doesn’t want to be bothered. 😴💤
But right here, I’m thinking Josh did it. He actually threw his friend under the bus, in the guise of innocence & “rut roh” But Bull has a hunch, too.  Oh. Benny was brilliant! 👏 
Ultimately, Bull captures the murderer, by feeding him. The Metro card swipe by credit card, leads TAC to Josh! He was there!  #BFF…not! The foreign DNA is found to be Josh! 
It was a sad case, ’cause the friend did it, And The motives are unclear, too! Other than just being a jealous ass, why Josh why?!
The show was predictable, but good.
Bull airs, Tuesday’s, 9:00 p.m Pacific