Burden of Truth (S01E06) "Devil in the Dessert"

bot - Burden of Truth (S01E06) "Devil in the Dessert"

Another week and yet the writers still manage to bring amazing episodes. One thing I can say watching this show has not brought regret as with each episode the writers leave you wanting more. The deeper we get into the show the more the characters seem to resonate with you, grow on you and become so like-able well some of them not all.

Following the events of this episode with Joanna trying to win this case things go completely awry when their medical expert suddenly comes up with a diagnosis that goes completely against their narrative. A little too fishy with the case being so close but I must say the writers did a wonderful job at portraying his version quite well that for a minute I did doubt whether Joanna’s suspicions were on the right side of this situation. But with the sequence of events that were happening considering the office break in the hotel room break in and the shady police officer it’s safe to say that Joanna’s initial instincts on the case were right and someone is desperately trying to conceal the truth. So definitely looking forward to see how the case unravels and what truth will be revealed at the end of this case.

As for Alan his character is starting to grow really irritating and for Joanna’s dad to send him to represent the firm is a huge insult to Joanna as I don’t think Alan meets her caliber as a lawyer.  Seeing her in court proves this as she manages to derail his plans in a matter of minutes proving how much of a kick ass lawyer she is. I like the humor in this episode it felt like a full packed episode and the judge’s attitude was one of the highlights of this episode.

Speaking of humor seeing Dianne and Joanna hang out in this episode letting lose well on Dianne’s part was a treat to watch and maybe Dianne could assist by providing some information later in beneficial to the case. Despite what we’re led to think at the end of the episode with the case dying I refuse to believe Joanna will give up so easily as we’ve seen how strong willed and persistent she’s been in the earlier episodes. And knowing her father I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid Dr.Cal to lie seeing how despicable he is and how much far he’ll go to keep a lie. One thing I’m really looking forward to in Dianne’s story line is seeing her kids as we’ve only heard of them it would be interesting and entertaining to see the dynamics of their relationship with her.
Finally having a back story on Steve a character introduced last episode may have fueled the opposition with the necessary knowledge to take down Joanna’s case but his story seems odd and there could be more to it than what the town believes. Who knows what really happened with him?

I’m glad now that we finally see Luna aware of the truth about herself  and I was wondering when the writers would let that happen and was glad to see they didn’t stretch out this story line. Ii feel like this shows the writers have more to show thus with this finally in the open we can have even more interesting story lines. What I am now looking forward is to see what she will do with this information and if Joanna might just end up staying in town after all as the bond between the two is deep for people who just recently discovered they are sisters. The writers did a wonderful job portraying how beautiful their relationship is let’s just hope they have written some fight in Joanna in the coming episodes as I feel like in this episode they let her give up too easily. Plus the relationship with Luna and Joanna still needs to be explored now that it is official they are sisters.

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