Champions premieres


A half-hour, single-camera comedy that centers on Vince, a washed-up high school baseball star who reluctantly gave up his dreams to take over the family gym in Brooklyn. So now, he’s enjoying life in the Big Apple as an eligible bachelor with dates an endless string of women, but everything changes when his former high school fling Priya arrives from Cleveland and drops a huge surprise on his doorstep: a 15-year-old son Michael!
Michael dreams of attending a prestigious performing arts school in New York, and Priya thinks it’s time for Vince to take some responsibility for the son he never knew he had.
Naturally, this complicates Vince’s hopes of ditching the gym and his situation with gym employees Ruby, Shabaz, Dana, Uncle Bud and yoga instructor and Vince’s ex-girlfriend Britney.
Thursdays on NBC.