How to Get Away With Murder (S04E14) "The Day Before He Died"

***spoilers ahead***

Following on the heels of last week’s epic crossover event with Scandal, we got back to the nitty and gritty of HTGAWM on last night’s episode. The episode is really split into 2 storylines – a relook at Wes’s (Alfred Enoch) final 2 days and the implication stemming from that regarding Laurel’s (Karla Souza) family – and Simon (Behzad Dabu) waking up in the hospital, slowly regaining his memory. Seeing Wes right at the top of the episode made me realize how much I miss having him on the show, Alfred Enoch is such a powerful actor and always brought a beautiful subtlety to the show.

e14 wes - How to Get Away With Murder (S04E14) "The Day Before He Died"

Throughout the episode Laurel seems to be spinning in circles, she’s been lied to and mislead by her parents so many times it’s incredible she can tell up from down. Add to that the fact that she’s still desperately searching for a way to be reunited with her baby and it’s a shocker Laurel is functioning. Despite her mother’s best attempts to lead Laurel away from the truth, we learn in the end that it was, in fact, her mother who called Mr. Castillo (Esai Morales) to tell him that Wes was going to the police. All along Laurel had hoped her mother was innocent in Wes’s death – not so much. Her mom may have very much meant it when she told Laurel that she’d never hurt anyone Laurel loved – but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t allow her husband to.

At the beginning of the episode our team thinks that they *might* be alright when it comes to Simon, only part of his memory had returned at that time. Connor (Jack Falahee) warns everyone that it’s like a computer rebooting – he believes that more is coming. Of course, he’s right – once he remembers more about the night he got shot, Simon hires Tegan (Amirah Vann) as his lawyer, not realizing that she’d truly be representing Mr. Castillo’s interests the whole time. Annalise is able to send Oliver in though, and with an offer to allow Simon to give the government information on Antaris (making him a whistleblower and eligible for a green card) they’re able to swing Simon over onto Team Keating 5. For now.

As for our team, there were 2 big developments. One – Asher (Matt McGorry) figured out that Michaela (Aja Naomi King) cheated on him and confronts her, in front of Connor and Oliver (awkward!). This scene was so heartbreaking, especially after Asher had only recently offered to go to jail to protect Michaela because “the world needs Michaela Pratt more than it needs another average white guy”. Asher has come so far from the dumb frat boy, I hope this doesn’t derail that character development. As for Michaela – she’s always wavered between what she needs (admitting to Laurel that she’d never have kept it together) and what she wants (Marcus ticks off every box in her dream guy). I’m hoping these two can work through this.

The second big development – another character in peril! This time it’s Bonnie (Liza Weil) who’s been in a terrible car crash. She’d gotten an emergency car alert on her phone, but Frank (Charlie Weber) checked everything he could and found nothing wrong. I guess he missed something, because after ADA Denver (Benito Martinez) realizes Bonnie’s onto him…well…a body bag is loaded into the coroner van. It remains to be seen if it’s actually Bonnie, or if she’s hit someone else.

e14 bonnie accident - How to Get Away With Murder (S04E14) "The Day Before He Died"

Favorite moments:
*Annalise visiting Isaac in the hospital and him telling her a) he’s proud of her and b) this is not her fault. I think that after last week’s phone call from his wife this was super important for her to hear.
*Connor confronting Michaela and really showing his character growth, “You did a bad thing and can’t take that back. Do you want to be a cheater or a lying cheater?”
*Michaela when being questioned by the Detective, she’s such a badass lawyer – or will be once she can get out of all this drama.
It was a fine episode, I think it was pretty predictable in a lot of ways – we knew Simon was going to wake up to make things more complicated and figured Laurel’s mom had to be involved in Wes’s death somehow. Despite the predictability, it was still enjoyable to watch.
HTGAWM airs next on March 15th