Jessica Jones, Season 2 (spoiler free)

The whiskey drinking, hold no punches, don’t call me a hero is back for a second season that promises to be darker and delve deeper into what makes Jessica (Krysten Ritter) tick more than ever.  Let me just tell you, this season delivers.

Season 2 delves deeper into Jessica’s psyche and we learn more about why she became so dark.  It wasn’t a free dive into darkness for Jessica like we all thought.  There are much deeper, more disturbing things that have happened that we’re just beginning to learn about.  It’s not just the accident that made Jessica so detached from everything, that actually came later as we see in this season.  We also dig into everyone around Jessica’s past as well, from her best friend Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) to Malcolm, now her associate (Eka Darville) and we even learn more about Jeri Hogarth’s (Carrie-Anne Moss) past as well making the show that more interesting.

Another thing that sets this show apart from all other tv shows is that it’s not only created by a woman (Rachel Rosenberg, Dexter) but every episode is directed by a woman as well.  The only other show on tv that does the same thing  is Queen Sugar (created by Ava DuVernay).  According to Rosenberg, after last season, someone on her staff suggested a show that was so heavily invested in female characters should be directed by women.  It’s a move that’s been raved by by fans since they heard the news.

So let’s get into the meat of the show.  Without spoiling anything, I’m going to talk about what I enjoyed about the show the most.  First, learning about Jessica’s past, especially her past with Trish.  We knew a little from last season, but only scratched the surface of their relationship.  Both have very dark resentments towards the other, while loving each other more than anyone else.  Trish is desperate to have superpowers, and will go to great lengths this season to try to get them.  Instead of drugs, wanting powers has become her new addiction and she’s willing to do anything to get them.  When ghosts from Jessica’s past pop up in an unexpected way, we learn that things may not have been how she remembered them.  Learning certain things devastates her views of her childhood, and leaves her vulnerable to the new threat that’s hunting her down.  As we learn about what’s hunting her, we learn about what happened in her past that made her detach herself from others without even realizing it.

What I really love about this show is no one’s perfect.  No one’s  hands are clean, even those that think they’re doing the wrong things for the right reasons.  Trish wants to save the world, but is willing to get very dirty and slide back into addiction to do it.  Jessica desperately wants to not care about anything and tries to drown herself in booze to forget her past, but it keeps haunting her present no matter what she does and she can’t escape.  Malcolm is sober, but traded a heroin addiction for a sex addiction.  Even while he’s trying to stay sober by working for Jessica, he falls into old patterns as well.

This show is so different because it shows people as they really are, and isn’t afraid to delve deep and discover why they’re so messed up.  It doesn’t gloss over life’s tragedies like a lot of shows and just show how to “bounce back,”  It’s about falling, and making mistakes, and sometimes learning from them, but ultimately not letting yourself destroy yourself because in the end you are the only person you really can count on.  Its dark, realistic, and devastating at times, but well written, enthralling, and worth every whiskey soaked minute you spend watching it (or drinking club soda if you’re like Malcolm).

This is one of my favorite shows on tv write now because of how it shows the dirty side of things.  It can be hard to watch, but it’s worth every minute of it.