NCISNOLA (S04E16) "Empathy"

A young woman is walking alone. Its dark. Someone  calls out “Molly?” She’s approached by 2 men, identifying themselves as NCIS Agents, Sluhan & Conlin.(Brandon Rush, Ryan Kessler) They claim “David sent us”  
She wants to talk with David. They want her to come with them. Then a shadowy figure appears, attacking one then the other. The speed & skill was incredible. #Batman  One is shot with their own gun; the other’s neck broken. With muffled screams, he grabs Molly!
The 2 dead are not NCIS, but are dishonorably discharged. The real agents are dead! R.I.P
Molly Lindell. (Rachel Alana Handler) from D. C. is still missing; taken by a “Super Hero” as proclaimed by a witness, sleeping off Hurricanes. 🍸
In a subplot: Chris must take care of Cade, his brother, now that his Pops is gone. Due to the severity of his mental illness, he’s been in a facility for 6 years. He didn’t know? But he’s now receiving calls regarding his care. Shall he stay in a mental care facility or come home?  
In a show of #empathy we find Pride’s mom suffers, mental illness and is in a care facility, as well. I never knew!  #Alzheimers 
Found by Sebastian, Chris & Pride arrive at the Omni Hotel & the room of Molly; paid for by G.M.Holdings. Both get their ass kicked, by “The Bat” #superhero
He seemed to come out of nowhere, threw down on the 2 and before their lives could flash before their eyes; they were done.  NCIS is on the ground & with a good shot …he passes out. What?! 😰#Livingingrace. PriSalle lived to fight another day! 
At the hospital, St Louis car salesman, Jack Cooper ( J.R. Ramirez) 38, is cuffed to his bed.  Molly is still missing & Jack insists, she’s in danger; he’s here to protect her & she’s in a cabin somewhere. That’s all he remembers! He goes for an MRI & diagnosis. 
In the meantime, where is Molly & what was she doing in N’awlins?! A lead is found. She’s a congressional aide working with David Finn, who is a #wikileak from G M.Holdings
Molly is investigating G.M (Hey! They’re paying for her room) for Graft, Greed, Fraud & all bad things.  
And although Molly isn’t found,  David is…dead; killed with the same snap as the faux agent; Cooper style. Jack was to kill both. He just doesn’t recall the mission  🤔
Back at the hospital, Dr Marigold, (Melanie Nicholls King) shares with Pride, due to public safety. #hippalaws Jack has a stage 4 brain tumor, inoperable.
It’ s  location creates memory loss. …and empathy reawakened. It can change in a blink of an eye; right now, later…or never, back and forth 
Jack was a part of an elite hitman squad. He killed his team, to protect Molly from assassins…him! He can’t help himself.  #tumor
During Pride’s intense interogation, Jack remembers the mission, the target & location. He doesn’t share. So he’s transported elsewhere, to a greater security.
However, en route, Jack takes out 3 U S Marshalls (didn’t kill them) takes their vehicle and goes after Molly… to protect her.
Truly an intriguing eppy.  It took several turns & I wasn’t sure where Jack was going! On a shallow note: #hellafine 😍
Ultimately, he comes thru like #thebat & doing what he do, saves his charge, Molly! …& PerGregorio by extension. 
He did his thing, fast, accurate & sweeping; before collasping, face down. He mutters “Molly” 
I was actually sad to hear he died a short time thereafter. Mission accomplished. #empathy
Finally, we’re treated to what a visit looks like between Pride & his momma at the end of the show. By phone, he plays a simple song on the piano & by piano, she answers 
NCIS New Orleans aurs, Tuesday’s, 10 p.m Pacific Time  
Written by Paul Guyot👊