Chicago Fire (S06E13) "Hiding Not Seeking"

Hi, I’m back with a new review.

You’re in for a hell of a ride.

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The episode started with the CPD being at Firehouse 51. Seeing the two shows having a crossover again, always makes my day. There was a bombing case, to which they had to work together.

CPD and CFD both had alot to take care of. The drama in firehouse 51, was as usual. Brett and Cruz, the latter being worried about her. Before that, the CPD asked for permission. They wanted the Medical team to go undercover.

Which they did, I really loved the scene where Dawson was distracting a guy. While a CPD detective was getting all the information from a laptop. I got all nervous watching it. When they arrived at the explosion scene, I was shook. 

The part where Segt.Voight and Detective Halstead appeared. Chief Boden confirmed that the explosion was done by a professional. Later on Severide, gathers some information. Which shows that the bombing, was Arson. 

The bomber was a journalist, gone Arsonist. He murdered his own mother in law. The CPD and the CFD agree, to go check out his place. They arrive there and find it empty. Then they find his back house, filled with traces of Arson.

I liked the way Segt. Voight was acting towards, Chief Boden and Severide. He really showed respect. Which he actualy doesn’t have. Well, I still havent watched CPD, but I will soon.

The Arson traces are the exact same, as the ones used in the other explosions. That’s what Severide confirmed for them. I love how Kelly knows so much about Arson. He would actualy, also be a great asset to the CPD.

The Brett and Cruz drama ended in a hug. While I know Cruz still loves Brett. The latter only has eyes for Antonio. I absolutely adore those two together. Their chemistry kills me. 

Sorry for being such a fangirl. Casey and Dawson, I didn’t really get to see enough of their cuteness. But I know the writers, wanted to focus on the others relationships. Which I totaly agree with. 

Seeing that the CPD and CFD worked together on the case. Two great teams, finding the culprit. Well, in this case the Arsonist. That guy is really messed up. The got confused, and thought that the explosion will happen at the Chicago Telegraph.

While CT actualy also means Chicago Transit. Train station it is, my boys. They rushed over there, and saved the day. Casey and Severide did. No explosion happened, and the Arsonist got arrested for Arson and I geuss murder.

At the end we get to see Brett, Antonio, Gabriella and Matt at Molly’s. They’re enjoying their drinks, while Antonio tells the Medical team. That if they get tired of fires, they will be a great asset to the CPD.

I agree with you on that. Kelly and Stellla though.. Those two. I just can’t wait for their relationship to go further. They obviously love each other. Kelly finally realizes that he wants to settle down. 

Brett and Antonio getting all hot and steamy in a car. While Kelly and Stella are staying at home like an old couple. This show, is something else. You actualy feel their pain, love, drama just everything.

Next episode will air on 22th of March. 12 days from now, it will be a 2 hour special. I might divide that episode’s review in two parts. Because it will be a bit too much. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this episode. I for sure, loved it. 

This is my second review, alot shorter than my first one. I think I finally got it, how to review an episode. 

I will see you in 12 days, with 2 new reviews.

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New episode will air on the 22th of March.