Designated Survivor(S02E11)"Grief"

an important talk designated survivor s2e11 - Designated Survivor(S02E11)"Grief"
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Ten weeks gone and President Kirkman(Kiefer Sutherland)is still hung up over his wife’s death,as it turns out the First Lady was not killed by terrorists but by a man who ran a red light while texting.

In the course of ten weeks,President Kirkman(Kiefer Sutherland)slowly turned from a president who takes risks to a president who is gun-shy and trying to protect everyone.To overcome his grief,his senior staff workers advised him to see a therapist which he does.

During the therapy sessions,we see the way the president is trying to deal with his wife’s death,how he broke the news to his children and how he avoids writing articles concerning his wife’s death and killer.

A delegation was sent to Cuba which Agent Hannah Wells(Maggie Q)and White House Advisor Aaron Shore(Adam Canto)are part of,to improve relations between the countries but were captured by General Ramon Bravo(Miguel Perez),the leader of a rebel group who are against the Cuban President’s Administration.The delegation were taken as hostages and ransom was asked which was seriously considered by President Kirkman who didn’t want to go the military route.

Meanwhile,Agent Wells(Maggie Q)attempt an escape by asking to use the toilet(which was a pit toilet by the way) in the makeshift building they were kept in but was captured but not before she saw Cross,who was part of the delegation speaking warmly with General Bravo(Miguel Perez)outside where they were been kept before been led back to the building. Hannah(Maggie Q)tells Aaron(Adan Canto)what she saw and assured him Cross(Jefferson Brown)is behind the kidnapping.Back at the White House,President Kirkman(Kiefer Sutherland)was planning to pay the ransom before he changed his mind and decided to use the military route.General Bravo9Miguel Perez)seeing the American Government trying to use the show of force puts Agent Wells(Maggie Q)on video and threathened to kill her and the other hostages with Cross(Jefferson Brown)promising to pay the ransom as long Bravo(Miguel Perez)doesn’t kill anyone,unknown to him,Wells made a Cross sign which led to the White House investigating Cross(Jefferson Brown)and they discovered he and the Cuban President Ortega(Emiliano Diez) planned this with General Bravo(Miguel Perez)in exchange for developmental rights in Cuba while Ortega(Emiliano Diez)gets rid of the rebels and gets to hold to power which was slipping away and General Bravo(Miguel Perez)retires rich.

Cross(Jefferson Brown)pays ransom.the rebels let the delegation go but the American government decides not to destroy the rebels which Ortega(Emiliano Diez)wanted but sent evidence of his corruption to Cuban news agencies.

.Emily(Italia Ricci)takes a break from her relationship with Seth(Kal Penn)
.President Kirkman(Kiefer Sutherland)visits his wife’s killer in prison and promised to make him regret killing his wife for the rest of his life by making sure he is comfortable and well fed.
.And Damien(Ben Lawson)is back and is ready to talk.

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