Kevin ‘Probably’ Saves The World (S01E16) “The Right Thing”

Michele Fazekas (creator/writer), Tara Butters (creator/writer) and Kevin Deiboldt (executive story editor) – Is it my birthday? Somehow you managed to give me everything I could have hoped for in this season finale and made it all that extra with a Leslie Jones cherry on top.  This might have even been my favorite episode of the season, for more reasons than LesDogg. With direction from J. Miller Tobin, we got to meet another angel, see the continuation of Tyler/Becky, ride along with Kristen/Kevin as they navigate their roller coaster day, and then there was the end… oh the end. It was perfection.

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Probably Glitching

I suppose Yvette falling asleep feels like a natural progression at this point, but Kevin waking up on the ceiling one morning and in a barn the next, is a bit of a twist. Speaking of that barn, he and his new friend/possible righteous soul are both in Kimono’s and cannot remember a single thing from the night before. Oh, and a cat tower. Which, seems pretty silly at first, then I remember Kristen has a cat, a cat who isn’t so fond of Kevin. Connection. Not knowing how they even got there in the first place, the two men part paths in an attempt to retrace their steps, then along comes Cindy.

“Oh yeah, it’s lesson time Kevin!” says Cindy, played by SNL’s Leslie Jones. She brings a quick spark of energy to the table and almost as quickly as she gets Kevin lunging, she sees through Yvette’s game and is gone. “Cindy out!” It was a short visit, but hopefully we will see her again with the next righteous hug.

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Probably on Love

 Tyler and Becky are so instantly in love, they have decided to move in together. Too soon you say? Tyler and Becky don’t care! I don’t know what to expect from this situation, but I sure hope we get to find out in Season 2.

As for Kristen and Kevin, well, they were all over the place this episode. Kevin even attempts to break up with her during his black out the night before. Kristen, the sweet flower of a character that she is, hears his tearful proclamation’s of caring for her and knows he is speaking the truth. Their chemistry and comedic timing together is fantastic. I think I even shed a little tear for this scene, it was just so pure and touching.

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Kevin is seriously on point with his speeches at the moment, because he has a conversation with Reece that absolutely floored me.

Seriously – their conversation about God/Universe was EVERYTHING. Everything, I tell you.
Reece asks a question I used to ask myself as a kid, “If there is a God, how does God make decisions? Because they’re stupid.” This leads to my favorite bit of writing ever spoken on the show.

Kevin is his silly self for a bit then gets to the meat of the issue, “…the way I see it, who cares? Like, really, who cares?” To which Reece answers for all of us, “Like, literally everyone.” His honest and straight forward reply comes so naturally that I forget he is on a mission to find righteous souls, “But why does it matter? Because whatever the answer is, you just try and do what’s right, and that’s all there is to it.”

My fondness for the show explodes, their conversation comes to a quick close, I then  break out in song dance, Andy Grammar was a nice touch. Can we just sit on that for a second though ‘just try and do what’s right, that’s all there is to it.’ I’m not sure if I want to AMEN or YAS QUEEN here because they both seem to be appropriate responses. In case anyone was worried, this show isn’t about religion. It’s about doing our best at being a good person, and knowing we sometimes miss the mark. That’s okay, just keep trying. That’s all there is to it. Thank you Kevin.

Speaking of trying – Kevin tries yet again to be honest with his sister about his heavenly mission, and HE IS ABLE TO! I was sitting there hoping against hope that it would come out, and then it did. Can you imagine being forced to lie to everyone? The look of relief on his face almost matches the look of surprise on Amy’s, until Yvette popped in to validate his story.


I have a sneaky suspicion this may mean she will be experiencing less glitches, but we will have to wait until we are granted a Season 2 to find out if that happens. Oh please ABC – read this and understand what a winning show you have here. Give it a better timeslot for the whole family to watch together, a smidge more promotion, and you’re going to get the viewers you need. Clearly KPSTW nails it on script, wardrobe, music, lighting, direction, acting and everything else that makes a show something I really look forward to each week. We need more Kevin Probably in our lives to remind us that even folks trying to stay on a path of goodness can trip and get back up again.

To everyone involved in this show, thank you for sharing your talent with us. I’ve enjoyed every minute.

Beyond a doubt, this episode gets a full 10/10 Blue Butterflies:
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