The Big Bang Theory (S11E17) “The Athenaeum Allocation”

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Ring the alarm! Sheldon and Amy are going to the chapel and they’re going to get married: May 12, 2018. Have your save the date card, marked and RSVP in the mail.

There is one small thing. The wedding venue might be hijacked by one Barry Kripke! (John Ross Bowie’s devilish researcher & consistent pain in Sheldon’s backside, Strikes Again!!!)

Lest we continue.

The location is everything.
“The Caltech Athenaeum”. This is where Sheldon and Penny want to get married. She loves the location. Sheldon because his genius idol Albert Einstein was a member of the club. Priorities, priorities… Only to be short-lived. Kripke has the placed reserved for that exact date! You ask why? His birthday blowout. (Fate can be so unkind.) Is Kripke truly proving that he is the villain in this story? (I SAY YES.)

We don’t need another HERO.
Or do we? Yes, in this case, we do. His name is Leonard. He must save the date for Sheldon and Penny. Someone has been lying! Why, Leonard. You could have just told Sheldon you were a member of the club. This was certainly not the right way for him to find out. Sheldon sees Leonard and Penny dining there after he has been trying to get a membership FOREVER. Now Leonard must repent. We can see the grief on Leonard’s face. Clearly, he wants to make it right with Leonard. They both dislike Kripke with the “fire of a thousand suns”. We could also point out, that he should make this right for Sheldon and Amy. They blackmail Kripke into a deal and he cancels his reservations for his birthday party! On one condition: that he can sing “Volare” at their wedding reception! Amy horrified, immediately suggests another venue to have their reception, The Planetarium. We know the wedding is set for May 12. With venue date still to be determined. If I am betting woman, The Planetarium is a lovely place.

I digress the rare “B” story that got a lot of airtime. Almost as much as the Sheldon-centric main story. The Wolowitz parents are experiencing a dilemma. One which most working parents face in these economic times. Which one of them will quit his or her job to stay at home with the kids full-time? Both Howard and Bernadette want to, but they also have reasons for wanting to spend their days among adults in the workplace. You add in factors such as sleep deprivation and your life as you know it is no longer your own. It can be very taxing. It also leaves Bernadette and Howard indecisive on a final decision. I thought for International Women’s Day, we’d get more balance from the women’s POV.

The Big Bang Theory (S11E17) “The Athenaeum Allocation” Laugh out loud moments to remember:

  • “Then again, it is our wedding day. Maybe it shouldn’t be all about revenge.” – Sheldon
  • “It took you nine months to pick that one, I’ll pick a different husband first.” – Amy

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my review.