The Mick(S02E15)"The Juice"


Sabrina(Sofia Black D’Elia)brings home a girl named Alexis(Sophia Ali),a soccer goalkeeper for the USA amateur soccer team,who she claimed she was dating because she really likes her but Jimmy (Scott MacArthur) didn’t believe her,claiming she was dating Alexis(Sophia Ali)for the fame.

And when Sabrina(Sofia Black D’Elia)continues to distract Alexis(Sophia Ali)from soccer,Jimmy called Alexis(Sophia Ali)and advised to focus on her soccer and forgo all distraction because they had a big game coming up against Canada.Alexis(Sophia Ali)decides to dump Sabrina(Sofia Black D’Elia)who was not happy about it.

Mickey(Kaitlin Olson)who bet on the Americans to lose in the soccer game convinced Sabrina(Sofia Black D’Elia)to go get Alexis(Sophia Ali)back because Alexis(Sophia Ali)loves her but dumped her because she was scared Sabrina(Sofia Black D’Elia)was not on the same social level with her but before Sabrina(Sofia Black D’Elia)could apologise,,she was attacked by the soccer team.Hiding in a bathroom,she calls Jimmy for help.Jimmy (Scott MacArthur)went to Sabrina’s aid but was met by obstruction from the soccer team even though he tried to reason with them as a “former athlete”.The team attacks Jimmy (Scott MacArthur) who retaliated,when the cops arrived,the girls were arrested leading to the cancellation of the match.
During the police questioning on the scene,Sabrina(Sofia Black D’Elia)calls aside Alexis(Sophia Ali)and apologised,also professing her love for her but was shocked when Alexis(Sophia Ali)said she didn’t love her and called her snoobish and self centered and told her she had wanted to dump her before Jimmy’s call.


Mickey(Kaitlin Olson)teaches Chip(Thomas Barbusca)and his friend Dylan(Griffin Gluck)how to gamble after accusing them of their gambling not having “the juice”after she bet with with them on a basketball game and discovers the winner doesn’t have to sniff Dylan’s tumor covered dog Humphrey.

So she taught them how how to bet on a Russian gambling site where Dylan(Griffin Gluck)was intimidated into betting “a hunny” with father’s credit card.They lost the bet and Dylan(Griffin Gluck) discovered “a hunny” meant hundred dollars not one hundred thousand which he placed on the bet.In order not to invite the wrath of the Russians they gambled with and with no way of replacing the one hundred thousand dollars they took from Dylan’s dad credit card,Mick threw Dylan(Griffin Gluck)out before deciding to help him by betting on the amateur women’s soccer match Sabrina’s girlfriend Alexis(Sophia Ali)was participating in,with her former bookmaker/Loan shark who she still owed three thousand dollars.

Due to the fight between Jimmy(Scott MacArthur) and USA amateur women’s team,the match was cancelled which led to Mickey(Kaitlin Olson) winning back the hundred thousand dollars which she gave to Dylan(Griffin Gluck) in cash.


Alba been the only one who cares the Colonel(E.J Callahan)in the house discovers that the Colonel(E.J Callahan)was moving from one part of the house to another without anyone moving him.After seeing him in places she didn’t leave him,Alba decides the Colonel(E.J Callahan)was cured but was pretending,so she decides to torture him with a flame thrower.Before she started the torture,Ben(Jack Stanton) came into the room and dragged the Colonel’s wheelchair to the kitchen cabinet,climbed on it and took a snack from the top cabinet.

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