The Goldbergs (S05E15) "Adam Spielberg"

As a big fan of Steven Spielberg Adam decides to write and direct his own Indiana Jones story. The writing is fun and everyone seems to love his script after Beverly hands them out at school. Before she can meddle even more, Adam tells her that all she can do is be in charge of the food, something Bev takes very seriously. Adam is gathering people for his movie, both behind and in front of the cameras and even Erica decides to join in for the soundtrack. On the first day of shooting, Adam finds out that directing is much harder than he expected it to be. The props are not ready on time, Johnny Atkins loses his snake, Matt Bradley, who plays the lead, is going crazy on sugar and even Erica can’t help Adam out with the lame pop song she wrote. Adam is planning to fix all the problems in post, but it’s all piling up and Adam doesn’t want to do it anymore. But with Beverly’s support, Adam finds out that he didn’t hate the whole experience. He loved writing the script for the movie and decides to continue writing.

In a real Indiana Jones like story, Barry tries to convince Murray and Pops that he has found the best cheesesteak place. He doesn’t remember the place though and goes on a quest to find it because Murray promises that he will stop calling him a moron if he is right. In his search, Coach Mellor helps him with the name and Barry and Murray take a trip to New Jersey to eat the best cheesesteak they’ve ever had. After a long car ride where Barry gets lost multiple times, they finally arrive at Donkey’s Place. And that’s when the problems really begin. The place is closed, and when Barry finally convinces the owner to make two cheesesteaks, Barry screws them up by adding too much hot sauce. But that’s not the worst part of it, Barry also manages to forget the car keys inside the restaurant which means they can’t go home. At the bus stop, Barry is still obsessed with convincing Murray that without the hot sauce, it really is the best cheesesteak. He is so dedicated to it, that he steals another man’s sandwich, but eventually he ends up in the hospital with a broken arm. Murray tells him that he calls Barry a moron because he just wants him to make good choices and wants the best for him. In the end the two go back to the cheesesteak restaurant to finally eat the best cheesesteak they’ve ever had.

This was definitely not one of my favorite episodes of The Goldbergs. It didn’t make me laugh as much as other episodes do and I missed the fast dialogue that we usually get between the characters on the show. I liked the ending of both storylines though, it was nice to see both parents support their kids in different ways. As always I did enjoy the real life video of Adam being a director. Seeing those videos in the end always make me realize how close this show is to what happened to Adam in real life, and I think that’s what makes the show so great.

The Goldbergs is off this week. They will return March 21st, 8/7c on ABC!

And as always, it was fun to see Big Tasty again!