A.P. Bio (S01E05) "Dating Toledoans"

When it gets tiresome traveling back and forth from Toronto to New York City for dating,  Jack decides to try Toronto for a change and learns about who matters first: friends or a girlfriend.

After a date night turned bad for Jack, he realized that traveling from Toronto to NYC is just too difficult to do, so with the help of the teachers he’s taken his dating search to Toronto. After the first night, it didn’t work to well with what he was selling, but when it came on the second time, he meets with someone that’s up his alley. But he turns her down after making fun of his friends, the teachers, about how stupid they look, which they were just having fun. Jack goes back to them with four shots and began a night of fun.

In the meantime, Principle Durbin gets jealous over how Helen was hilarious during the school announcements and tries to punish her by acting mean stricken towards her. But when she finally confronted him about it and pulled off an amazing soap opera moment that had everyone watching in their classrooms.

“Dating Toledoans” was another hilarious episode with good character development. I couldn’t get enough of Paula Pell’s Helen when she did the announcements for the first time, not to mention her and Patton Oswalt doing that soap opera style apology that the school watched. But mostly I loved the interactive between Jack and his students when discussing about having a relationship and having a crush on someone. The writing was good and the performances was good as well from Allisyn Ashley Arm, Jacob Houston and Sari Arambulo, Oswalt and Pell. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.
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