Bull (S02E17) "Gag Order"

Spark4u is on line dating service. It’s dark & a figure enters, using a key card. Shortly thereafter, …”Freeze don’ t move!” Guns drawn. The captured is surrounded.
Elsewhere, Chunk picks up his daughter. Anna Baker (Jazzy Williams) She’s distant,  yet tolerable. She does like the ride. It’s Bull’s.
Anna is meeting with Chloe Tomlin (Nikki James) the journalist & professor who inspires and was highly beneficial in her being considered for NYU.  
But Chloe is packing, She apologizes for not calling her, but she used that one call she had to get out of jail!  She’s a criminal now. Something about breaking and entering. She has no money, nor fees for an attorney,  Anna asks, “dad?”  Can you help? * sigh Ok, but no promises . He gives his card.
Meanwhile, back at TAC, Bull has a new toy. A drone that brings him coffee. Courtesy of Isaiah (Patrick O’Neill) who is interviewing. (Cable) The coffee gets him the job.  “You’re hired” #nosugar
The next day, Tomlin tells a tale of Spark4u dating service. Women are being raped, after going on a date and clearly saying, “no” Spark4u is nonresponsive & claims They’ve had  “no such complaints” The women reached out to Chloe. Willing to give her the ammo is an insider.
This source is anonymous. She’s given the entry card and the access codes for downloading, names, dates, places. However, she’s  busted in the midst of it all. Who else knew?🤔
Yes, it’ s a set up. #framed She broke in per her anon source. And in what was a simple act of unauthortized, investigative journalism, becomes Federal! The United States V. Chole Tomlin. Espionage & trade secrets is the case and 30 years is the time. Something about stealing Proprietary codes and corporate secrets What?! Thats not what she downloaded!
The Judge issues a Gag Order. She can’t publish anything about Spark4u during trial.  Gag Order: I caint talk bou’it; nor can Bull hook up to Marissa. #rutroh 
Cable is sitting with Dani in a diner, appreciating not pissing off the DOJ…again! No clearances. No references, No job. No $$$ She misses TAC.
Across town, attempting to dine together. Anna & Chunk talk. She’s not nice. Still mad. Chunk’s explanation of “the way were-back in day”  don’t fly.   They don’t finish eating. She leaves! #talktothehand✋
Chloe is encouraged to reveal her source. She won’t. Bull orders Isaiah to crack Chloe’s cell and recover her text, leading to “the source”  He hesitates. Bull strongly insists in a find another job, kinda way!
In court, Chole’s boss, Tom Martin (Thomas Hill) of the NY Ledger, is called and lies.  He denies knowledge and authorization of this Spark4u assignment. What?!
“Money is the enemy of truth” Tom was threatened by”the powers that be”  to go dumb or they will lay off and shut it all down! #nyledger He apolizes to Chloe, but she is on Adminstrative Leave, til the verdict #shesfired  And it aint looking good 
Marissa thinks the victims should speak on Chole’ s behalf.  Bull likes it and takes credit. It’ s genius.
Isaiah goes to see Cable on the downlow. It’ 2 a.m. asking “how to” meet Bull’s demand.  She shows him. But don’t tell Bull! #pinkyswear
Marissa’s plan works. Bridget Means (Mitzi Akaha) testified although she has a NDA. (Non Disclosure Agreenent) What?! They did know! #liars
Gold lark,  a private security firm, is working on the dl for Spark4u. Purpose? to entrap Chloe. Uh?! That was Jessie Northrop’s (Holly Holcomb) job. It’s not a crime, it’s a cover up. Jess, takes the 5th. She’s excused.
Mr Gatewood (Sam Gilroy)  testifies, owner Spark4u Owner. They made  $3. 3B💰  last year #kaching. He continues to deny knowing about the alleged sexual assaults. “That’s my story and I’ sticking to it!”  Attitude
Hiwever, Colon pins Gatewood to the wall, when he’s asked about his entry card. He doesn’t have it, nor did he order replacements?  Did he set it up? “Stevie Wonder” could read the jury. Not guilty!
Sidebar. Such a ridiculous way to get caught, innit?! It usually is though, right? Never the less,  #clevertwist 
Chunk picks up Anna. She’s still angry. He apologies…again  Get over it kid. He’ s still “your uncle! ” She’s also accepted to Colombia, full scholarship #decisions 
Bull visits Cable. He figures out Cable helped Isaiah. He gives her back her job. She’s back! Now she just needs to keep her focus, find her lying friend & “show her the love” #punch 😈 And I hope Isaiah stays around. TAC needs a simpler point of view.
It was another love of money, episode and what you won’t do for it and do to keep it. It was ’bout loyalty and family matters.  It didn’t have the funky 🎶🎤 music this week, but it was still alright.
Bull airs, Tuesday’s at 9:00 p.m Pacific Time