Legends of Tomorrow(S03E14): "Amazing Grace"

This episode I have to say was really good and for those who have parents that are true Elvis fans will absolutely love this episode. It’s truly an amazing episode, hint at the title of the episode ‘Amazing Grace’ All I can say is if you or you know someone who is an Elvis fan, I’m sure they will love this episode! After all my parents actually loved this episode!

So with this episode we get to meet a young Elvis Presley (Luke Bilyk) trying to find the right guitar to help him start his career. When a magical totem guitar calls to him, he takes upon the guitar and promises the shop keep he will get his first record song on the radio for giving him the guitar without a price. Yes people you all read that right, Elvis became the totem barer of the sixth and mysterious totem known as the Death totem. Which has the powers to raise the dead and have them do your wishes, which is why no one knew about the sixth totem in Zambezi culture, its because the sixth tribe became a ghost town no one left alive. And the same thing almost happened to Memphis, Tennessee.

With the Legends on the case, what could go wrong? Well turns out a whole lot of things go wrong, like Nate (Nick Zano) no longer used hair gel because it was never brought to Americans. Zari’s (Tala Ashe) favorite game Guitar Hero was never created which made her really mad. And Mick/Heatwave’s (Dominic Purcell) rat was renamed Jeff Godon, but hey at least Axel wasn’t renamed he should’ve been looking forward to that. But one thing I never thought would’ve never happened was the team getting annoyed with Wally’s (Keiynan Lonsdale) super speed. I mean you would think that they would be more thankful towards his super speedy abilities but instead they were just plain annoyed.

With this being a Elvis heavy episode, we all knew that we would get at least some Elvis songs played this episode. And with just those certain episodes sang in the actual Elvis recorded voice. I mean sure the actor didn’t fully look like Elvis but when your only working with make up to try to make the actor look like the king of rock n’ roll theres only small things that you can do. But I can understand it, cause when thats all you have to use is just make up and nothing more then theres not much you can do but to hope that people who are not true fans don’t notice. I mean just be glad that we got those songs played on this episode, hell if the producers really wanted to kill the image of Elvis they would’ve had the actor himself sing instead but no they didn’t so be happy for that Elvis fans.

Now I thought it was sad that the only rat who didn’t have his name changed this episode Axel had perished this episode. That poor rat, he died a year too young, and because of that Ray (Brandon Routh) had a funeral for the poor rodent. And then Mick was able to have his last words and goodbyes to Axel in spirit form. And then they just had to make the episode “In Memory of Axel” and show scenes of Mick and Axel afterwards.

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow(S03E15): “Necromancing Stone” airs Monday March 19, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW