Lucifer (S03E14) "My Brother’s Keeper"

“My Brother’s Keeper” is the fourteenth episode of the third season of the series. Written by Joe Henderson (who is also one of the showrunners) and Jason Ning, and directed by Claudia Yarmy, it gets a B.

The case of the week revolves around Jay Lopez (Rey Valentin), a diamond authenticator who is accused of killing Fahrid Nasser (Vaz Andreas), a sketchy diamond seller. Later, we find out that Jay is actually Ella Lopez’ (Aimee Garcia) older brother. Knowing her brother is in town, but not being able to get in touch with him, Ella goes to Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) for help, considering she is now a bounty hunter. It’s funny to note that when Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) answers the door – Maze, Trixie, and Chloe (Lauren German) live together -, she and Ella are wearing the same sushi shirt. That’s probably a playful joke with the fact that some LuciFans came up with a theory that Trixie and Ella are the same person. Maze then finds out the last place where Ella’s brother was at, and they find Fahrid’s body.

Despite Maze’s reluctance, they call the police, and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe arrive. Considering she is related to the suspect and that might get in the way of her doing the right thing, Ella is forced to step away from the investigation. And although advised not to by Chloe, Ella decides to try to find her brother. Ella speaks very highly of her brother, and Lucifer’s link to the case this time has to do with the fact that he too has an older brother, Amenadiel (DB Woodside), who is also “good in theory”, but refuses to help him kill Pierce (Tom Welling), saying that Dad cursed him for a good reason.

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Meanwhile, the tension continues to grow between Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) and Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris). It seems like although Charlotte is a completely different person now that she’s herself again, and is trying to redeem herself of what she did wrong, Linda still can’t deal with the situation, considering how Mom hurt her when inhabiting Charlotte’s body. This situation will probably be solved once Linda decides to give the new Charlotte a chance, and I think Charlotte will benefit much from Linda’s pieces of advice.

The investigation progresses after Dan (Kevin Alejandro) finds out that the diamond found near Fahrid’s body had been stolen from a diamond boutique in Beverly Hills, and that Fahrid was one of their brokers, and so he could be stealing from the store. There, Chloe and Lucifer find out that Fahrid’s accomplice is actually the owner of the store, Tiffany James (Jackie Geary) and that they were after the insurance’s money. Back to Maze and Ella, they find Jay staying at a cheap hotel in a dubious neighborhood under the name of Michael Knight. Lucifer and Chloe go after Ella’s brother again after they find out that stealing diamonds is an almost untraceable crime if a cleaner (or a diamond authenticator, like Jay Lopez) is involved.

After finding Jay, and almost spanking him with her show, Ella takes her brother back to the crime scene so he can walk her through what happened and help prove his innocence, but with no luck. They are then met by Lucifer and Chloe, and after an argument because of the finding of a stash room and some diamond cleaning equipment, Jay confesses he was cleaning the diamonds and manages to run away. But, in the end, it turns out that the killer wasn’t Jay, but instead, it was Don Zeikel (Edward Kerr), who worked for the insurance company responsible for the diamond boutique the diamonds were stolen from.

Jay gets to him first, demanding that he confesses, but things go wrong and Jay ends up becoming Don’s hostage, but Ella finds them. Don then confesses and tells what happened, but when he was about to shoot Ella, using Jay’s gun, he is killed buy Maze, who threw a knife at him, saving both Ella and her brother, who later make up.

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Pierce and Amenadiel fight the fight of the millennium at Lux, due to the latter being confronted by the first about the mark, destroying the place completely, and Pierce says they’re really similar because both plotted to kill their brothers, but Amenadiel is worse because he made someone try to do it. Later, Lucifer and Amenadiel have an argument in which it becomes clear that he’ll be in Lucifer’s way, trying to stop him. Linda and Charlotte make up, and Linda, convinced by Lucifer that Mom is gone, and that Charlotte is just a woman trying to be better, decides to help her and treat Charlotte. Close to the end of the episode, Lucifer warns Jay Lopez, who happens to have saved some of the stolen diamonds, that although the cleaning job wasn’t a one-time thing and he wouldn’t tell anyone about it, he would come for him if he ever hurt Ella.

So, this episode brings to light some really important stuff. Lucifer treats Ella like family, which shows us that he really cares about her and would do anything to stop her from being hurt, and acts like her big brother. This shows they’re level of connection, although it is not often noticeable, and I expect this to become more clear to both later on. Also, Linda and Charlotte are trying to deal with their problems, and the Doctor does it more easily, knowing that she’s worried about something long gone, and that she is really important to help Charlotte become who she wants to be. Linda is a cornerstone for Charlotte, really, who is going to benefit a lot from therapy and the always insightful inputs Dr. Linda provides.

We also get to see the level of importance Ella gives to her family and friends, even covering up for them. This might bring her trouble someday, but this shows really how lovely, faithful, and good-hearted she really is, which is always a great quality to have. And last, but not least, Lucifer and Amenadiel find themselves again in a sort of nemesis position, which seems to be a reoccurring theme in this series. It’ll be really interesting to see what consequences that brings, considering Amenadiel will seemingly do anything it takes to stop Pierce and Lucifer’s plan to kill the Lieutenant. The steaks are high this time for both our devil and the angel. I expect things to go Lucifer’s way eventually, but definitely not easily.