The Arrangement (S02E01) "The Long Game"

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The stage is set for Season 2 to start off by us witnessing Megan having horrible flashbacks. We see Megan (Christina Evangelista) reliving the events of being kidnapped. (What a nice fiancée Kyle and future father-in-law for all intents and purposes, Terence). Should he even be considered that? Since he had thought of Megan in such a twisted way? Remember Season 1 tripping on the mushrooms? Ewe. They are planning the event of the year. Well, technically they aren’t. “ITFHM” are though.

They are slowly loosing control of their lives… You could clearly see the pain and frustration on Megan’s face.  We get an appearance from Leslie (Autumn Reeser), Megan’s agent. She is all about protecting her client’s needs. You can also notice Terence (Michael Vartan) and Deann (Lexa Doig) do not like her. Anyone who has an outside influence on Megan, HAS GOT TO GO! Autumn’s days are numbered… (“Like the sands of the hourglass, so our the days of Autumn’s life.) Meanwhile, our two undercover best friends… (I’ll be honest. I am still on the fence on Shaun.) Megan, be careful! “Don’t freak out. It’s the LONG GAME.” Shaun reminds Megan. I found this part to be a bit suspicious. This is the same woman who works for Terence and dated a person who’s in “ITFHM”? Right? Megan, watch you’re back girlfriend. A bit later Megan tracks down Lisbeth (Ashley Hinshaw). She is in meditation class. This is the woman with all the answers, Megan has been seeking. Lisbeth warns Megan. “I can’t help you. Lisbeth says. “You can’t separate them. It’s impossible.” Lisbeth then tells Megan she is “dark and destructive.” (Rude much?)  What came next made the hair on my arms stand up. (Well played writers!) “If Terence and Kyle knew you were talking to me…” (REDRUM. Megan, don’t you see the signs? DANGER is everywhere.)

Megan arrives home, everyone was waiting for her. We see her for the first time in her wedding dress. She looks beautiful. We see Deann, and she is texting a mysterious person. We later find out is named Mason. Deann gives Megan a bracelet that her mother had given her. Meanwhile, Terence and Kyle are at the shooting range. (How apropos!) This is where Terence shares some news with Kyle. The investors of “Technicolor Highway” want to see more of Kyle West. Bad news, Kyle wants to keep his original vision. He stresses the movie could be his redemption of his past. (What did he do that he needs to redeem himself? Oh those sins…) Terence reminds Kyle that he is the reason this movie is going to work. Terence wants Kyle to reprioritize his life and put ITFHM 1st again. Kyle is having none of it. Megan is his main priority now. (Really, bro why did you desert the 1st time?) Terence is asserting his “alpha male” status. He does the following by bucking off shots! “I am Terence Anderson, son.” – Terence.

When Kyle gets home, he wants to know “How Megan’s feeling?” Megan continues the charade. “I have feelings of love and gratitude.” (You know she was ready to explode!)  The dominos keep falling… Deann walks in and sees a naked woman leaving Terence’s bedroom. Showing her the door along with her underwear. Cue, we head over to “ITFHM” HQ, and a meeting is taking place for “Technicolor Highway”. Terence wants Kyle to be the star. Kyle just wants to direct it. Leslie is fed up with all the BS. She tells off the director and Terence and storms out. Megan finally starts to break down back at the house. Kyle is there. He is just happy she is showing him some emotions. Megan fires Leslie.

Cliffhanger: Shaun tells Megan her ex is going to one of these facilities. If Shaun and Megan can locate it… You know… They can.. BURN IT ALL DOWN!

My closing thoughts: “The Long Game” is going to be tougher than Megan ever imagined. Terence is the adversary you imagine in your worst nightmares. (He gives Freddy Kruger a run for his money!) You sprinkle in Kyle as the wild card. Who will he align himself with? If I was a betting woman. My Vegas money is on Terence in the end. He owes everything to him, literally. He has the most indescribable hold over Kyle (or any person for that matter) I have ever witnessed.

Can I tell you what we hope for Megan? That she is “GOING TO BURN THE WHOLE THING DOWN.” We are with you girl.
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