Black Lightning (S01E08) "Revelations"

Alright this episode was really good, just like the episodes title we definitely had some Revelations thrown down on us this episode! And we will get to some of those revelations in a little bit. But this episode was really good and we focused mainly on the superhero side of the show which was good we need at least some of those episodes to be superhero focused.

So with this episode, we get a father and daughter team up that we were hoping for but without the suits. In the episode we had Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) and Anissa (Nafessa Williams) team up to find out information about who might have killed Lady Eve. Only to find out that the weapon that killed Lady Eve and her henchmen were weapons made from radioactive electricity guns to jolt 100 billion joules of electricity to kill anyone with one hit. Which is pretty much what makes everyone at first believe that Black Lightning did the killings but you would think that the morgue would be able to identify that he isn’t the cause of the killings especially with the burned marks made from the radioactivity.

We also got into a bit of Gambi’s (James Remar) past to see that he is the one that has taken to the fact that made Jefferson into Black Lightning all because of a drug experiment that his government agency was working on to create meta-humans. Which this is the first time we ever hear the word meta-humans in the series which is a big step to making people believe that there could be hope one day for the series to enter the Arrowverse, but before that happens we would need all heroes and their abilities revealed. However I’m getting ahead of myself, Gambi told Jefferson the truth about everything in why his father got murdered. And it’s also kinda the origin of Green light as well because the vaccine that was meant to cure people from the abilities was killing them instead of curing them and Gambi couldn’t be apart of that. Now the agency wants Black Lightning dead, which means if Jefferson, Anissa or even Jennifer (China McClain) make a move with their abilities they will die.

Jefferson tells Gambi to stay away from his family, but I hope this doesn’t mean forever, cause we need Gambi in our lives on his show! Gambi is literally the foster father figure that helped forge Black Lightning into a hero and not a murderer.

Now this episode played a big part for people who are a fan of the comics. We finally saw that Jennifer is indeed a meta-human and her abilities have been awoken. Jennifer has until this point been the character that we all didn’t really care that much about. Sure we loved her moments with Anissa being the annoying little sister. But other than that a lot of Jennifer’s decisions have made us not be a huge fan but there might be some redemption for the character especially now since we see that she will be joining the superhero family soon, very soon. In the comics, which yes I’ve been slowly reading now and truly love, Jennifer’s superhero name is Lightning; Lightning’s abilities are using her own energy to create a spark or even jolts of lightning which come in handy with a family of superheroes with electric abilities. Jennifer will probably eventually get some kind of superhero suit like her older sister Anissa very soon. But we don’t really know when though.

And lets also speak of the fact that Lala (William Cartlett) is alive again! After being dead for like 6 episodes and coming back to life in last weeks episode, it’s really freaky to have him back again. I have a feeling that Lala is going to become one of those super-villains that can walk between the worlds of life and death. What do I mean by that? Well we saw that Lala has the ability to speak with the dead, specifically with Lawanda (Tracey Bonner) who marked him with a tattoo of her face on his skin after he came back to life. So whatever the reason maybe in Lala’s resurrection all what we know so far is that he is able to speak with spirits but what plans does Lawanda have for dear Lala. Guess we will find out soon!

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S01E09): “Little Black Lies” airs Tuesday March 20, 2018 on 9/8c on The CW