Champions (S01E01) "Pilot" Series Premiere

The latest NBC comedy series, Champions premiered last Thursday and it’s with all strides as the best new comedy of the season.

Created by Charlie Grandy and Mandy Kaling, the pilot opens up as Vince, a gym owner in Brooklyn, NY along with his brother, Matthew, is about to give up his life for a new one in Florida. But when Priya, an ex high school girlfriend, comes by with a surprise that he has a 15 year old son, Michael, who needs to find a place to stay during the audition process at the Academy of Arts.

After taking him in, things don’t go that well when Michael feels that Vince doesn’t want him around and that he spilled the beans about selling the gym in front of his brother. Vince comes to terms, finds Michael and gives him the courage at his audition, even though he was a half hour late. When the Academy accepts Michael and tells Vince that there’s a place for Michael to stay, he tells them that Michael will be staying with him, but will keep the address in mind for later.

I’m in love with Champions. It’s one of the best new shows on the season. The pilot was well written and perfectly told of about these characters of who they are, what their conflict is and their triumph of over coming with inspiration and humor. The cast is amazing from Anders Holm and Andy Favreau, Fortune Feimster and Mindy Kaling, but it’s J.J. Totah who shines as the star of the show. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Champions Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.