The Alienist (S01E08): “Psychopathia Sexualis”

Well, with a title like ‘Psychopathia Sexualis,’ this was clearly not going to be a happy episode.

After last week’s episode of little action, this episode more than made up for it. A hell of a lot happened this week. People were zipping all over the place, doing stuff, talking to people, attacking people, and being attacked. We also made considerable strides in the case, which is good because we only have two more episodes after this one for the Scooby Gang to wind up the investigation.

Mary is looking particularly nice, wearing a lovely dress and glowing with what I really hope is post-coital bliss. She’s also playing music and arranging flowers. Cyrus and Stevie watch her float around the room, smiling to herself, and wonder what’s got into her. Hee!

While in Washington DC, Kreizler finds out about another so-called Indian massacre, of a Reverend Dury and his wife, but this didn’t take place out West, it took place in New Paltz, New York. (I’ve been there. It’s lovely.) The Durys’ younger son Japheth was taken captive by the Indians. Moore uncovers a new suspect named John Beecham who was born…wait for it…in New Paltz. Bingo! Moore calls Sarah on that new fangled telephone gadget and tells her to contact the New Paltz authorities. Sarah decides to take herself up to New Paltz to talk to the sheriff in person.

Kreizler and Moore head up to Boston, to speak with Adam Dury, the older son of the murdered couple. He tells them that their mother was abusive toward Japheth, and the only time he didn’t have a violent tic in his face was when he was mountain climbing. A farmhand took a liking to him, and would go climbing with him, until the day Japheth came to Adam upset and bleeding rectally, courtesy of the farmhand. The farmhand was found at the base of the mountain, but the fall wasn’t what killed him, it was the cut throat and the gouged out eyes. The massacre happened shortly after. The farmhand’s name? Beecham, but his first name was George, not John.

The Isaacsons have traveled out to North Dakota to talk to Beecham’s commanding officer. He tells them an unpleasant story of finding a naked Beecham mutilating a corpse during the Haymarket Riots, and being sexually aroused by doing so. Yuck!
The carriage Kreizler and Moore are riding in is attacked, and the driver killed. The horses bolted and the carriage overturned. Injured, Kreizler admits to Moore that he’s in love with Mary.

Speaking of Mary, Connor and henchmen barge into Kreizler’s house, maybe to finish off the job? Instead of Kreizler, it’s Mary who is killed, when she struggles with Connor on the second floor landing and falls to her death. I was sad.

Other things:
– Did you notice the difference between the first class train carriagee that Kreizler and Moore rode in and the second (third?) class carriage the Isaacsons rode in? Can you imagine riding a train all the way to North Dakota on wooden benches?
– After all this time, Sara just happens to stumble over that box?  Really?
– Fig Newtons!

“Be careful.”
“Your mind is never still. You wait at a street corner in case she happens to pass by. You attend a party that you would otherwise dread in the hopes that she’s been invited. And you try to bring every conversation back to love.”
“Don’t believe a word he says.”