The Flash (S04E16) "Run, Iris, Run"

Okay guys and gals, this episode was a pretty good episode! But this episode did help bring a comic book story to life which is always nice when this series does that. The comic book story was a bit different than what was transitioned onto screen but thats just how things are when you have to make sense out of some of these comic stories.

So in this episode we get the introduction to another bus meta, Matthew Kim aka Melting Point (Leonardo Nam) a meta-human who can transfer one metas powers to another non-metahuman but with great power such as this comes messed up mistakes…Is that how the saying goes? But of course we all know who this happens to, yup you guessed it, its Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton). However in the comics there isn’t a villain or hero named Melting Point, but there was in the comics a villain known as Dr. Melting Point who was a female character who had died and been reborn a meta-human who could melt down objects and take their energy to use it as a source of power against her enemies. Now I know what your going to say, I’m thinking the same thing, why change the whole definition of a villains powers but if you think about it, it made sense to re-imagine the powers so that this episode could help non-comic book educated folks understand more about good comic book stories.

When Iris gets Barry’s super speed for this episode, Barry takes the effort to take over Iris’s job on the team but things don’t go exactly well in that department. The only thing Barry was able to do was be support to Iris while being in the field. It was really weird having Iris use super speed like, we are all used to seeing Barry use his speed to save the day and to change it up it just didn’t really feel all that real. Like it was a bad dream or something but it is what it is. I’m just glad that Barry got his speed back by the end of the episode! Now you all know that I’m going to go through comparisons about Iris with the super speed to the comic book version. So in the comics, Iris gets the super speed because of a lightning strike that hit Barry and continued to Iris forcing Barry’s speed to leave him and go to her temporarily. Of course in the comics, when Iris got the super speed she knew immediately what she wanted and that was to help others just like her husband has done with the super speed. Iris even got an awesome suit in the comics. But in the series she didn’t know at first what to do about the abilities, she just thought she could be like Barry, she didn’t know like how her comic book counterpart knew she could be. But the suit was nice for the series version so I guess for comparison both versions were awesome.

We also got the names of the last two bus metas thanks to Harry (Tom Cavanagh) using a replica of the Thinker’s/Devoe’s thinking cap. The last two bus metas are a woman named Jenny aka Null; yes people we are getting Null in the series and she sure is going to be a force that is going to be a handful to deal with. In the comics Null was a villain in a four comic book story whose meta-powers were to control gravity at will, anyone Null focus’s on they can either become fully lightweight to were gravity no longer affects them or she can force them to feel so much gravity pull that they can barely move. And from the promo trailer of April 11th’s episode it looks like we are getting the exact same thing from comics to series. The next meta is Edwin Gauss aka The Folded Man and no people he doesn’t fold into origami. In the comics The Folded Man is a human whose suit can access the second and fourth dimensional rifts and travel through them at will. However with The Folded Man being the final bus meta I don’t think he’s going to be needing that suit to travel between those dimensional rifts.

Next Episode: The Flash(S04E17): “Null and Annoyed” airs Tuesday April 11, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW