This Is Us (S02E18) "The Wedding" Season Finale

The season finale of This Is Us, left us grabbing tissues and not to mention some surprises into what happens in the next season.

It’s Kate and Toby’s wedding and things were looking up til Kate was missing her something old: her dad’s old Dayton shirt. With Kevin and Randall handing the wedding stuff, they look for something old that belongs to Jack. But Kate goes on herself a journey not only to find something that connected her with her dad, from the ice cream shop to the stump in the woods where they talked. This going while she talked to Rebecca about these dreams (flashbacks) of the wedding but it was Rebecca and Jack’s renewing their vows with everyone there, except for Toby. What could that mean? That Toby isn’t the one? He won’t live as long as Jack?

In the meantime, Randall and Beth try to handle with the Deja situation as she’s showing no interest of going to the wedding. As Beth reconnects with her cousin, her cousin talked with Deja of her experience with her mother leaving her. Thing were going good until Toby’s mother makes a comment that she looked like Randall and after that it was Deja pulling a scene from Beyonce’s Lemonade video.

With where this season took these characters, it felt that they’ve come to acceptance of their father’s death and who they are as Kevin and Randall making a great toast to Kate and Toby. But as the episode comes to an end, we see flash forward of Randall with Tess asking if she’s ready to see her (who? Beth? Deja?), Kate walking into the bedroom of Toby, who doesn’t look too good, in bed, and Kevin on a plane looking at a photo of his dad and uncle from Vietnam along with Beth’s cousin.

I’d very much enjoyed this episode like every other episode this season. This seemed like a bit of that cherry on top with the stomach for wanting more when finished. I thought the writing was strong and the performances from the cast was amazing. I think that this was Chrissy Metz’s best episode performance. Not to mention Chris Sullivan, who’s scene with Toby’s parents was so good as he stand up to Kate after they didn’t think she was the right person for him. I literally couldn’t get enough of Kevin and Randall’s scenes in this episode from trying to find something old for Kate to trying to find Kate. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10 also the season a 10/10.

What did you think of the season finale? What do you thin is in store for season 3? Leave a comment and let us know.

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