Timeless (SO2E01) “The War To End All Wars”

Welcome back Timeless! Back, and with a serious vengeance. Prepare yourself for some spoilers in this review, and trust that it’s worth watching this episode before reading. Let me just tell you, there is definitely a different feel to this season, and I am completely on board. In what might be the best season recap ever, we get an Imagine Dragons anthem atop the first season’s video clip montage. Excitement built, we are suddenly dropped in France of 1918 – at the tail end of WW1. I’m sure many people noticed the explosions first, but not me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of what might be my favorite part of the visuals in this show – wardrobe.

Now, I’m surely no expert on 20th-century attire, but I dare say our characters looked snappy as all get out in their military styles. While the unmarred threads leave a bit to the suspension of belief, we are in the middle of a war after all, it really doesn’t take away from how smashingly they pulled off dressing everyone from Marie Curie (Kim Bubbs) to the wounded soldiers. To all those in hair, makeup, and wardrobe – well done! I am so very much looking forward to the other era’s you have in store for us this season.

While no one seems to notice how clean their clothes are, it’s even more shocking when one of the first soldiers we see pulls a smartphone out of his pocket whilst bombs drop in the background. A cell phone in 1918 eh? Well, I guess we have another time traveler on our hands. Let’s take note though, he’s CAPITAN Albright (Matthew Atherton), which means this guy has been around long enough to rise up in military ranks. The plot, it thickens, right from the opening scene! It’s not until the end of the episode that Wyatt (Matt Lanter) puts two and two together – Rittenhouse has been planting sleeper agents across time. Mic. Drop.

I really love how our writers (Arika Lisanne Mittman, Tom Smuts, Kent Rotherham, Anslem Richardson) planted a little seed themselves and let it grow into the ‘dun dun DUN’ episode ending information bomb. Here I am thinking that Lucy (Abigail Spencer) actually shooting an innocent is a jaw-dropper, or that Emma (Annie Wersching) is Lucy’s step-sister. That just goes to show how good they are at weaving story points gracefully into an episode. I am uber anxious to see where they go with the romantic bits as well, considering we only got a mere taste this episode. Ruffus ( Malcolm Barrett) and Jiya (Claudia Doumit) don’t get much time together just yet, and Jiya’s medical condition promises to keep me worried for the foreseeable future. Lucy and Wyatt though – oh boy did you tease us with that couple this week! I nearly fell out of my seat when Jiya walked in during their “moment” to remind them of work that needs to be done.

She reminds us that despite the gang being back together, there is still so much work to be done. What are you up to with this Nicholas Keyne character? What did Emm do (at mom’s behest no less) to make sure Lucy never sees her sister again? Why is Flynn still alive and unsurprisingly demanding only to speak to Lucy? Where in time are we going to next?! One thing is certain, we’ve officially been set up for adventures galore. The gang is back together, but they will need more than Wyatt’s fancy knife skills (well-played choreography) to figure out how to chase down Rittenhouse and the Mother Ship.

When this episode ended, I was shocked that so much time had passed. I am already a fan of Timeless, but that season opener has me HYPED for the rest of the season. Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan (creators), ya seriously got me.

Next episode: ” The Darlington 500 ” Sunday, March 18th @ 10/9c