NCISNOLA (S04E17) "Treasure Hunt"

It’s the search for a 200 year old Icon. A priceless Napoleon Bonaparte, Fleur-de-lis.  It’s something to do with the Louisana Purchase.  Ok. U.S History is not my strong suit.
Never the less, cannons are booming in The Big Easy., costumes, dance♩🎤🎵 music.  It’ s a celebration; and a 19th Century party time called, “Pirates Fest”
 Two girls wander the streets, dressed as maidens, looking for??? I don’t know, maybe the party or… a treasure hunt? They op to continue the quest to find “it” although one is scared and wants to turn back.
It’s dark. They find what looks like a barn. Opening the doors with enthusiasm, Lt. Commander Elaine Dodd is strung up, bleeding and hanging upside down. They scream.
Beaten severely & stabbed; someone peeled the epidermis in one single piece, from her inner forearm. #brutal.  She’s supposed to be visiting her dad.  
Elaine  never showed up & Pops is looking for her. He’s filed  a missing persons.  Pride will share the saddness.
Elaine’s dad, Tom Dodd (Kevin Jackson) is an ex green beret. Although he and his daughter didn’t spend a lot of time together, they had a love of the treasure hunt!  She called, excited to share something with him. Then no word. She had been researching Jean Lattif. #thebarefootpirate. He thinks she may have found something. The Fleur-de-lis! He identified her body 😔 officially 
Sabastian found the skinning of Elaine was to remove a tattoo of coordinates. He was able to lift enough of the ink from the 2nd layer, to begin the hunt for the Fleur-de-lis. They find the first clue.
It’s  a hand made puzzle book. It must be opened gently or it would… could destroy itself by embedded acid caps, for example. Brilliant precaution for the times. They need help & seek out a professional
Meanwhile, something is bugging Percy. I think she’s ready to leave, N’Awlins. #bored  She doesn’t want to talk about it. LaSalle asked. 😍
Michelle Faucheaux (Teal Wicks) is hiding in her closet, scared. Apparently, 2 thugs on the hunt for the Icon, ransacked, but didn’t hurt her. 
Michelle works for the Historical Society & is an expert on such things as pirates and their treasures.  She was a friend of Elaine’s & knew of her search, research  & accomplishments. She appears shocked & saddened of her murder. She’ll help 
Back at NCIS, Gregorio, Sebastian & Michelle open the book and they work together, following clues & end up at the cementary. The clues lead them to this crypt & that, with Persalle keeping a watchful eye. They  intercept a text that leads to…Michelle! WHAT?! #doublecross 
She locks Sebastian & Gregorio in a vault! She’s truly the bad guy! Clever girl! Michelle Harrison is her real name & she’s out for revenge. Something about the rights to the Fleur-de-lis and her brother, who died for it. She leaves Sebastian & Gregorio to suffocate. 
It’s cross and double cross, threaded through out the episode. Who do you trust?! Love it when I never see it coming! I didn’t! 
Pops & Pride are caught by Michelle & her minions.  Ready to die, they go ol’school & kick ass; NCIS & Green Beret style.  #madrespect to the OG. Not “old guys!”  
It was a good finish and The Calvary of the NCIS Team, arrived right on time.
Elaine’s Pop, cradles the icon & prepares to give it to the city; certain his daughter would like tht. Pride calls Laurel, his daughter #sweet #daddysgirl
I’m liking the addition of just enough, not too much family this season. It gives a sense of  characters history and just enough of it, to make us care. 👍👍👍👍
NCIS airs, Tuesday’s at 10 p.m