UnREAL (S03E03) “Clarity”

Chivalry isn’t quite dead on this week’s UnREAL, as we are treated to a cheesy fairytale themed episode. This is ‘Everlasting’ though so there was no shortage of drama. It’s clear immediately that Serena (Caitlin FitzGerald) is frustrated and would rather be doing anything else other than playing princess. The men seemed to be enjoying the chance to show off their strength, seizing the stereotypical moment the best they could. It doesn’t take long for the Suitress to reach her limit and walk off the set, giving Rachel (Shiri Appleby) the opportunity to try and save the day. She pitches August (Adam Demos) for the one on one, having bonded with him herself. Serena is hesitant at first, but it doesn’t take long for her to be convinced. All of this would be fantastic if it wasn’t for the fact that August was also sleeping with Quinn (Constance Zimmer).

Quinn is a very complex character, each season we see another layer deeper into her. She is strong in every sense of the word. She takes no silliness from anyone, let alone a man. Quinn sees what she wants and takes it with out regret, often at the detriment to others. However this means that when she falls, she falls far. After her break up with John (Ioan Gruffud), she is wounded deeper than we’ve seen previously. She begins drinking more than usual, which has consequences she can’t avoid for long. It’s becoming a matter of time before Rachel can’t cover for her anymore and everything comes to a head. That’s not to say Rachel isn’t going to go down fighting to protect Quinn.

Speaking of Rachel, she handled the news about August a lot better than I thought she would. She almost seemed supportive of Quinn getting some on the side. Her new philosophies seem to be helping her navigate producing, as she isn’t distracted by her usual vices. Unfortunately we can see some of her bad behaviours surfacing as they tend to do. Having the Doctor on set seems to possibly be the cork holding the dam together, but it’s only episode three so there is plenty of time for things to get crazy. Rachel’s character is great for showing how someone with a mental illness can fluctuate, albeit an exaggerated example. It’s good to see her on an upswing currently, and I really do hope it continues for awhile. Happy Rachel is the best Rachel.

I’m looking forward to the shoe dropping on our blood oath group, even though one or more might end up in jail. ‘Everlasting’ has always had a dark twisted side behind the scenes, but most of our main gang have escaped justice to this point. It’s a pretty good bet that someone is finally going to end up taking the fall or letting something slip, though who specifically it’s hard to say. A good bet would be Rachel, as she has technically already cracked, but my other pick is Jeremy (Josh Kelly). He isn’t as stable as he pretends to be, and he doesn’t seem to be processing any of this very well. It’s possible he will go to authorities, or he may take a darker route and take his own life. It certainly wouldn’t be a first for the show, and I don’t see it being afraid to go there again.