How to Get Away With Murder (S04E15) "Nobody Else is Dying"

***spoilers ahead***

Last night’s HTGAWM was all about second chances. Some found and some lost – overall it felt happy, joyful even at times, unusual for this show. Which of course means it’ll all come crashing down next season.

After the car crash last week that left us wondering if Bonnie (Liza Weil) had been killed, the team scrambles to find answers. It turns out to have been ADA Denver (Benito Martinez) that died – everyone assumes (probably correctly) that it was Mr. Castillo (Esai Morales) that arranged it. Nate (Billy Brown) is able to finally locate the hard drive containing damning information on Castillo. Annalise (Viola Davis) uses that to push Castillo to finally give up the custody fight over Laurel’s (Karla Souza) son Christopher.
We saw our first glimpse of humanity from Castillo when Annalise lays out exactly what a terrible father he was – and how the very thing he was accusing her of (stealing Laurel away from him) is what he was doing to his daughter. Castillo might have had a second chance with his family – but he lost it when he turned on his daughter for the sake of money.

e15 castillo sad - How to Get Away With Murder (S04E15) "Nobody Else is Dying"

Laurel being reunited with Christopher was beautiful, but she’s beset by the lingering suspicion around her that she may have been involved in the disappearance of her mother. We see her with scratches on her arms – but this mystery is left for season 5.

Connor (Jack Falahee) takes his second chance at law school. He finally admits that he didn’t drop out – he failed out. His confession brought about the most “aww” worthy moment of the night when he asked Oliver if he was going to call off their wedding. Of course not, Colliver is solid these days.

colliver - How to Get Away With Murder (S04E15) "Nobody Else is Dying"

Michaela (Aja Naomi King), all but flushes her second chance down the toilet. After a raging fight with Asher (Matt McGorry), Michaela trying to convince him (everyone) that she’s not evil it seems as though maybe he’ll someday forgive her. Until, that is, she calls ICE on Simon (Behzad Dabu), getting him deported rather than risk the chance he might snitch on all of them. Everyone is appalled by this – especially Annalise who’s tried to steer Michaela away from the same mistakes she made.

The best news – well, next to Laurel being reunited with her baby – Annalise won her Supreme Court case!! Which means that EVERYONE in her class action suit will have a second chance. She gives a beautiful speech on the radio about the finding, how maybe we’ll stop seeing people as bad simply because they’re in jail. Some are from a bad situation, only made ever worse by being behind bars. They’ll now have a legitimate chance at justice.

Being HTGAWM we can’t ever leave the season clean, all answers given. We have one big lingering question – what happened to Laurel’s mom? And one big reveal – Nate uncovers files that Denver was keeping on the team. In someone’s file there is a handwritten note “Child alive?” attached to a DNA report. We then see Frank at Middleton University, overhearing a boy introduce himself as Gabriel Maddox. This kid looks an awful like Wes – like Annalise maybe? Frank makes a phone call, saying simply, “Her kid is here.” So now – who’s kid (Annalise??) and who did he call. If that’s Annalise’s kid and Frank has known this whole time…hell is going to rain down on him.

gabriel - How to Get Away With Murder (S04E15) "Nobody Else is Dying"

A good ending to the season that leaves us wanting more – as usual. Now time for the wait, and wait and wait until season 5!!