Riverdale (S02E15) "There Will Be Blood"

This episodes was all I had imagined and beyond the writers really seem to be on a roll week and week again by delivering spectacular episodes and the actors too seem to be giving amazing performances. The show seems to be pulling all the stops to keep viewers hooked and it seems to be working since I can honestly say the last few episodes have been better than the whole of season one . with the latest episode we see Jughead (Cole Sprouse) still looking into Hiram ( Mark Consuelos) trying to find his endgame with his sudden buying of Riverdale properties which eventually leads him to discovering Hiram’s plan at the end of the episode.

As for Veronica (Camilla Mendes) and Archie (Ki Apa) they seem to have a little spat in this episode with him revealing to Jug about the diner. I must say it seems the relationship between the two does stem out of something deeper than just pleasures of the flesh since Veronica takes the blame for him in order to protect him from Hiram’s wrath which makes you wonder to what ends he will go to ensure the success of his project. With the sudden resigning of Sierra McCoy (Robin Givens) the Lodges seem adamant on getting Fred (Luke Perry) to feel the vacancy and run for Mayor and this doesn’t seem to sit well with Archie. I could see Fred making a great mayor but his association with the Lodges might pose some hurdles for him if he were to become mayor. But personally Alice would make an even better Mayor despite her bias she wouldn’t be swayed or influenced by any third party in her decisions plus she’s the only adult who seems to be capable of standing up against the Lodges. The spat between the two gets settled later on but not before another happens with Veronica’s constant urging and meddling to push Fred to vie which doesn’t seem to sit well with Archie thus the spat. It was refreshing seeing him stand up to the Veronica and not succumb to all her wishes and her family’s but alas the moment was short lived as we see him.

I feel the writers have really sidelined Josie (Ashley Murray) in this episode her storyline has a lot of potential between her mom and her new love interest. But the little we got to see of her was better than nothing. Speaking of sidelined characters where has Reggie (Charles Melton) been these past few episodes his presence is really missed as he brings a lighter and humorous side to the show with his tendencies. Here’s to hoping we’ll see him in the coming episodes.

Coming to Bevin I’m really glad to see the writers exploring more of Betty (Lily Reinhart) and Kevin’s (Casey Scot) friendship lately. In the episode we see how great of a friend Kevin is and just how much he’ll do for Betty even flirting with Chic just to fish info out of him which just makes us love Kevin even more than we already do. But will the writers give him a personal arc and explore his character more. What was really interesting was learning at the end of the episode that Chic might not be who he claims to be. Really looking forward to see how this arc unfolds itself in the coming episodes.

rd - Riverdale (S02E15) "There Will Be Blood"

Coming to the Coopers Hal (Lochlyn Munroe) asks for a divorce from Alice (Maadchen Amick) which we kind of already anticipated before but what is still a mystery is why he insists on Chic being a stranger. What is the story behind this? And could this divorce be the start of Falice being canon? I know it may seem highly unlikely but a girl can hope. Unfortunately Alice learns of the Blossom will and refuses to grant him his divorce but the scene she made was definitely worth watching especially when she went off on Hal and Penelope.

alice - Riverdale (S02E15) "There Will Be Blood"

I wouldn’t mind Alice getting more screen time as her character is one of the most interesting characters on the show. We also got to see a little on the trio between Jughead, Alice and betty  as I had been hoping and with the turn of events in the episode I hope we’ll be seeing more of it in the coming episode now that Hiram’s intention have been made clear in this episode. One thing’s certain the trio will definitely be bad ass.

The most dramatic reveal was Clifford’s twin walking in during the will reading. I wouldn’t say the reveal was a shock since most of the fans had already predicted the possibility of a twin but what was shocking was to learn that he and Penelope are in cahoots to try and kill Cheryl (Madeleine Petsch) and the grandmother so as to obtain their portion of their inheritance. Fortunately Cheryl heard this and maybe she can prepare for it and knowing her character Penelope is in one hell of a surprise. I have mixed feelings about the writers making Penelope a heartless bitch on one point I’m glad they didn’t make a repetitive plot with her becoming good to her daughter. This gives room for amazing storylines but on the other point I was really hoping that the dynamics between mother and daughter was moving forward. Choni seems to be growing in this episode maybe Tony (Vanessa Morgan) will finally be the rock she needs to lean on and provide her with the love and supports she needs.

cheryl - Riverdale (S02E15) "There Will Be Blood"

With Jughead learning of Hiram’s plan Hermione’s (Marisol Nichols) ascension into the Mayor’s office couldn’t have come at a worse time. Maybe this could fuel him more to write out against the Lodges as building a prison is not the only thing they’ve planned that’s for sure. And maybe in the coming episodes they can take down the lodges once and for all and hopefully drag Archie down with them as his character has been annoying lately sucking up to the Lodges and turning a blind eye on their shadiness

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